The phenomenon of worldwide popularity of football

The phenomenon of worldwide popularity of football

Football is played without underestimation all over the world: from small countries to the leading powers of the world. Why, then, an irrational at first glance, the sport has become an integral part of the lives of many people?

Football is one of the oldest sports because it's hard to find anything easier than kicking something round on a flat surface. Now there are disputes about the progenitor country, but they do not make any sense, since this sport was widespread almost everywhere, only had different names.

One of the reasons for the enormous popularity of football is its mass availability. All young athletes need is a ball and a field, not necessarily a professional one. There are no universal parameters of a football player: height, weight or nationality. The only recipe for success is hard work.

Almost all states allocate big money for the development of this sport, encouraging the birth of new talents. Thus, players appear on the international arena not only from large powers, but also from small ones, who are not inferior to them in terms of skill.

In addition to accessibility and the ability to enter the world of this sport from any country, football allows fans to throw out emotions that have accumulated over a long time. By shouting and supporting commands, people are freed from negative energy, and within the law, which is extremely important. Another plus is the presence of a specific object for dropping emotions - an opponent.

Also, football is hard to deny entertainment. Of course, the same figure skating amazes the audience with incredible jumps and spins, but football is a team game, so the emotions from the number of participants on the field are amplified tenfold. And since it is forbidden to play with hands, the athletes demonstrate the highest class skills, scoring beautiful goals against the opponent.

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A significant factor is the unification of fans in the stands as a nation. Such competitions help to form a sense of national identity, pride in their flag, country.
A nice bonus to this exciting game is the international prestige of the winning country. Many famous players have attracted attention to their native countries with their high-profile achievements, providing an influx of tourists.

According to analytical experts, the football industry will only grow over the years, gaining more and more media territory. The investments made in this sport are simply amazing in their scale, but the return on it is thousands of times greater than the invested funds. Now football is not just a game, but a huge business empire built not only on the sale and purchase of various paraphernalia, sports complexes, but also on the athletes themselves.

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