What is a reverse osmosis filter and how does it work

The tap water that flows from our taps is not suitable for regular drinking and cooking. Initially, at the water intake station, water undergoes thorough mechanical and chemical cleaning, is checked for the presence of pathogens, so it can be eaten. But it travels many miles through water pipes before reaching our homes. And there it is “enriched” with mechanical impurities, heavy metals and bacterial flora. That is why every person faces the question of how to purify tap water.

reverse osmosis filter is the gold standard for filtration. The system allows you to get perfectly clean water, which is additionally enriched with minerals to bring maximum benefits to the body.

Osmosis is a membrane method for separating solutions into their component parts due to the passage of molecules through a semi-permeable membrane from a volume with a lower concentration of solutes to a higher concentration. That is, with conventional osmosis, we get a solution saturated with trace elements, and with the help of reverse osmosis, on the contrary, we can purify the solution from impurities.

Reverse osmosis technology is used in the desalination of water, including sea water, in regions suffering from arid climates, and of course to purify tap water to an ideal state that meets safety standards.

A household reverse osmosis filtration system is a multi-cartridge design that contains filters and a membrane. Purified water flows into a special tank of 10-12 liters. At the system inlet there is a primary mechanical filter that separates solid particles such as rust so that only water reaches the membrane. Part of the water, in which the percentage of impurities is high, is drained into the sewer and does not enter the tank.

A reverse osmosis filter will help purify water from impurities up to 98%. In such water there will be no arsenic, chlorine, fertilizers, insecticides, rust. There is only one drawback - because of such a powerful purification, everything useful is removed from the water - calcium, magnesium, potassium, that is, in fact, it becomes "dead". Since we need mineral salts for the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system, cartridges are additionally installed in household purification systems that mineralize the purified water, making it useful.

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In order for your kidneys to remain healthy for many years, stones do not form in them, your heart works like a clock, each cell of the body receives enough moisture without negative consequences, it is important to drink only clean water. And you can ensure it for yourself in abundance with the help of a household reverse osmosis filter.

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