Used tires - savings or stupidity?

Used tires - savings or stupidity?

It's time to change the tires and the eternal dilemma arises - new or used? Buying used tires in good condition, which your dealer will happily tell you about, seems like a smart decision. Are you sure?

Used Tires - Should You Buy Them?

Safety first of all

Common sense

Tires are one of the most important elements of a car. Road safety depends on just four small tires, which are the point of contact between the car and the road. It is very important to be sure that we have tires that will allow us to stay on this path. Prices for brand-name tires can be prohibitive, while mid-size tires are not always satisfactory. Old used tires seem like a good option, but it can lead to a fatal thought.

New or used tires - Visible savings

Two points of view dominate the tire market. The first is the classic "or economical" - a set of used tires can even be half the price of a single tire of a higher class. However, this type of purchase is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty, and we cannot be sure that a used tire can still boast the durability and drivability that is advertised in the catalog. In addition, there is a risk of microscopic internal damage that cannot be detected without the use of professional technology. Neither an experienced locksmith in a workshop, nor an exchange seller, nor an employee of a specialized online store will do this. What can be checked and how? Only the tread depth and appearance (scuffs, cracks, bulges) can be estimated by eye. As a general rule, a set of worn tires has a much shorter safe life, so they should be changed more frequently.

The second - "be careful" - the purchase of new, even budget tires, guarantees the properties declared by the manufacturer and the absence of damage. During the manufacturing process, tires are subjected to rigorous testing, including even X-rays, to eliminate internal defects. It is these microscopic damages that can cause, among other things, steering wheel vibration, car derailment or tire explosion at speeds over 100 km / h, which can have tragic consequences for the health or life of the driver and passengers.

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Use of tires

It's worth thinking about what affects the condition of a tire, and whether a used tire can be in "good condition" or "almost like new". The following factors can contribute to tire misuse:

1. Driving with too low tire pressure - can cause permanent damage to the inner layers of the tires
2. Storage of tires in unsuitable weather conditions (sun, rain) - may lead to deterioration of physical and mechanical properties
3. Car repair in emergency / non-professional workshops / car services - damage to the tire bead is possible

So, which tires to choose - used or new? You also have to ask yourself if it's worth risking the safety of the driver and passengers for the obvious savings. The answer is not worth it. Health and life are priceless.

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