Advantages of fabric vertical blinds

Advantages of fabric vertical blinds

Blinds are an integral attribute of a modern interior of any style, allowing rational use of the space near the window. Do you want to make the window sill an extension of the work surface in the kitchen? Easy! A wide window sill can also act as a dining or writing table, serve as an ideal place to lie down or read books, and so on. To make all this possible, you need the right blinds. Check out the site, Jaluzi-Service has a large selection of vertical fabric blinds with different slat widths. Why do we recommend vertical blinds and not horizontal blinds or roller blinds? We list their benefits in this article.

Obvious advantages

  • Fabric blinds are as close as possible in sensations to traditional curtains. We are not even talking about tactility, but about the feeling of comfort that they create.
  • Ease of maintenance. Even at the production stage, the fabric is impregnated with special dust- and moisture-repellent compounds, so it is as easy to care for it as possible.
  • Large selection of colors and textures. This allows you to fit fabric blinds into the interior of any style, from Scandinavian minimalism to urban loft.
  • They can help mask finishing errors, old windows, non-standard openings. Agree, this is also a significant plus.

All this is not to mention the fact that the blinds allow you to independently adjust the luminous flux. If desired, they can completely prevent daylight from entering the room if you need to sleep or want to watch a movie in a cinema atmosphere.

Why are vertical blinds better than horizontal ones?

Firstly, they visually raise the ceilings. It never gets in the way, does it? The room immediately seems larger, it begins to feel spacious. Secondly, vertical blinds do not need to be constantly raised / lowered. The lamellas in them are firmly fixed only from above, and from below they are connected to each other by a movable chain. A design feature in wider lamellas, which must necessarily partially overlap each other when closed. Vertical blinds are less likely to need cleaning, because we all know that dust settles on horizontal surfaces more often. That is, the advantages over horizontal:

  • visually raise the ceilings;
  • more convenient to maintain and operate;
  • do not accumulate dust.
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