The best chainsaws on the market today: which model to choose

The best chainsaws on the market today: which model to choose

A good chainsaw is useful both in everyday life and in professional activities. In any case, serious requirements are imposed on this tool. Experts recommend paying attention to tire dimensions, chain characteristics, engine power, vibration and kickback protection, weight, and additional options. Presented below chainsaw top help you choose the best model.

Inexpensive chainsaws for home and garden

This class is designed for domestic work. The models presented in it are characterized by a simple design, lightness, ease of operation. They are equipped with motors with a capacity of not more than 40 cm.3. Suitable equipment for sawing small logs, cutting branches, bushes. It cannot be used continuously for a long time. Overloading and overheating are fraught with breakdowns.

If you are interested in an inexpensive reliable chainsaw, you should pay attention to the following models:

  • Carver PSG-52-18;
  • Huter BS-52;
  • CALIBER BP-2800/18U.

Carver PSG-52-18 is convenient, easy to operate. The peculiarity of the model lies in its endurance in various weather conditions. The engine starts very quickly even in the cold. This tool is ideal for beginners with no prior experience with saws. The power of this saw is 1,9 kW. It can be recommended for harvesting firewood, clearing the garden.

Huter BS-52 has increased productivity. It has a fairly large tire length (50 cm), which makes it possible to cut down trees and harvest a large number of logs. Anti-vibration eliminates hand fatigue. Automatic lubrication makes maintenance easier.

Includes rating of chainsaws in Ukraine and caliber BP-2800/18U. This is a universal low-cost model for harvesting firewood, felling and sawing trees. The main advantages of the tool are easy manual start, high safety, automatic lubrication option, reliable operation.

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The best saws in terms of price and quality

Leading trading chainsaw brands produce household, semi-professional, professional. In each category, models are presented that combine attractive cost, wide functionality, high reliability, long service life, ease of operation and maintenance.

household saws

Of the household modifications, the quiet STIHL MS 180-14 chainsaw deserves attention. It is perfect for gardening jobs such as removing hard plants, clearing shrubs, cutting branches, arranging firewood and getting hedge materials. Strong, reliable body, inertia brake, compact dimensions, built-in vibration protection, maneuverability, economical fuel consumption are the main advantages.

Chainsaw Partner P350S is one of the best. It has a compact size and a weight of 4,6 kg. Suitable for harvesting, clearing and medium-intensity work. Among analogues, it is listed as the quietest chainsaw with a high-tech air purification system. The design includes a fuel priming pump, which guarantees a quick start in any conditions. The best build quality has saws produced at one of the Swiss, American, Italian factories. The quality of Chinese models may be less satisfactory.

Semi-professional saws

For construction work, maintenance of an impressive territory, you should choose a semi-professional saw. This category includes tools whose power reaches 2-3 kW. Engine displacement can be from 40 to 60 cubic centimeters. Unlike household models, semi-professional ones can be used for 4 to 8 hours without interruption. There are other features - increased quality of components, assembly, extended service life.

In this category, the best chainsaw is the Makita EA3203S-40. Its design includes a primer, electronic ignition. There is vibration protection. Operation is controlled by an oil pump. Users note such advantages as light weight, easy and fast start-up, low noise level, the possibility of dosing oil, and a large tank.

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Husqvarna 450e has also won the recognition of users. This chainsaw is famous for its powerful engine. It economically consumes fuel, the consumption of which is under control. The manufacturer provides the Smart Start option, a reliable fuel priming pump, and an efficient, easy-to-remove filter. The power of the saw is 2,4 kW.

The productive STIHL MS 250 chainsaw is on the list of the best. It can be used for felling trees with a maximum trunk diameter of up to 30 cm. This model is suitable for home, small farming, forestry. Due to its compact size, it will not be difficult to store, it will not take up much free space. The advantages of such a saw include maneuverability, productivity, ease of maintenance.

Professional chainsaws

In the professional category, the best chainsaw is the one that can work without interruption for at least eight hours, can withstand heat and cold, withstand mechanical damage, and can cope with felling trees with a diameter of at least 50-60 cm. It is impossible to name one exceptional leader.

The list of the best includes the Stihl MS 880-36 chainsaw. Its key positive qualities are power, improved vibration protection, instant start of the motor and immediate brake, the presence of a “stop” option that is triggered by reverse kickback. Robust build, solid chassis, performance are not the only advantages. Additional advantages include low noise, automated lubrication.

If you have to cut hardwood, you should pay attention to the Husqvarna 395XP saw. The power of its motor reaches 7,1 liters. With. Relatively light weight, high torque, low fuel consumption, excellent vibration protection, ease of starting, starting, ergonomic design of the body are what users note.

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