SEO optimization

SEO optimization

Search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization) is a procedure aimed at increasing the position of website pages in the results of search results for certain queries. Specialists evaluate the current position of the site in order to understand what measures need to be taken to improve the place in the issue.

The need for optimization is due to the fact that when searching for a product or service, customers rarely go beyond 2-3 pages of Yandex or Google. You can lose an interested audience if your site is not included in the first 10-20 sites in the SERP. To do this, it is not enough to have a beautiful website, you need to make it so that it can be found. This is what SEO specialists do.

How does search engine optimization work?

The work on the site takes place in several stages:

1. Comprehensive audit - the study of the site, necessary for its improvement. If the pages respond well, are easily displayed on displays of different sizes, then it will be easier for the site to break into the top. Search bots do not like sites that work with delays. During the audit, you will find similar problems and be able to eliminate them to get into the lists of the first. This stage allows you to save the budget for promotion.

2. Analysis of competitors - if their sites are more convenient and informative, then visitors will choose them. You need to study the strengths and weaknesses of the market leaders, note for yourself the trends that attract visitors. If you understand how another company's business works, you can build yours just as well.

3. Collecting the semantic core is the most important stage used to prepare for writing texts. At this step, you need to determine which words and phrases will bring you to the top ten of the search results. It should be taken into account that there are high-frequency and low-frequency requests. The first searches for specific content, goods or services. They are most often used by users in the search bar. For example, such a high-frequency phrase is "buy a car." Many, when they want to buy a car, write that way, but do not specify which option is needed. As a result, the search engine returns millions of responses to such a query, because the competition for such queries is very high. For promotion, you should not use high-frequency phrases, as this will require a considerable budget and time. The result, of course, will justify the applied forces, but it will take several months to reach it.
It is much easier to do this - to carefully form the semantic core so that the search bot understands that on your site you can find everything you need on a user-specified topic. To compile a list of keywords, you can use special software (including sites), as well as take it from competing sites.
A good option is to optimize not only for words, but also to analyze the relevant pages of the site. They should be given the most attention, bringing to perfection.

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4. Page optimization - during this step, you need to change the content of the site so that it is interesting for visitors and search bots. We must not forget about customers, as an empty set of words will alienate them and increase the bounce rate. When preparing content, it is important to keep in mind uniqueness, natural keyword content, and low water content. No need to try to enter the keys in each sentence, or vice versa - use highly artistic turns. The more useful information a page provides, the higher it will be ranked by search engines. At the same time, any type of content can be used - selling, review, expert. High-quality website content optimization will allow you to quickly promote it to the top of the search results, and also help to make it stay at the top for longer.

5. Correction of the meta tag - site ranking is affected not only by the text that is visible on the page itself, but also by tags such as Title and Description. Therefore, you need to add keywords to them and fix them so that search engines understand what this page is about.

6. Technical work - this part of the optimization includes: increasing the speed of loading pages, removing broken links and duplicate pages, adjusting redirects. It is important that system code errors are fixed. All this allows you to increase the speed of loading the site, make it more attractive from the point of view of search robots.

7. External SEO - you can make a site popular outside of it. To do this, you need to place links to pages, launch an advertising campaign and targeting. Search engine algorithms consider that sites that come to a lot of users through external links are worthy of promotion, as they contain the right information. It’s good if you can get to the portal from reputable sources (you can order advertising from them).
After the work done, you need to analyze how the site has progressed on the main queries from the semantic core. If the work is done well, then you need to make a report of what was done. It will come in handy if you need to display other pages of this portal in the TOP.

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