What are the best virtual reality glasses to choose

What are the best virtual reality glasses to choose

Virtual reality is an interesting and affordable way for everyone to travel, get new sensations thanks to modern technologies. Play, move to the desired places, watch movies in 3D without leaving your home - vivid emotions are guaranteed! All you need is special glasses or a helmet and the device to which you will connect them (set-top box, smartphone, PC). We will tell you which VR glasses are better, what to consider when buying.

For PC or smartphone?

To understand which VR glasses to choose, decide which device you need them for. Available models for:

  • Smartphones - in them, the role of the built-in display is performed by the screen of the mobile device, it is installed in the glasses themselves. Models are simple, inexpensive, one of the most popular. The option is suitable for running games, watching movies in XNUMXD reality format. The quality of the picture depends on the glasses, there are very simple and more than worthy technical solutions. The number of supported games is modest.

  • Computers - guarantee maximum immersion in virtual worlds. The functionality is impressive, the possibilities are much greater than those of VR glasses for smartphones, the price, accordingly, will also be higher. There is support for conventional games and virtual reality gameplays, 3D photo viewing options. Please note that for the normal operation of these glasses you need a powerful computer.

  • Prefixes - helmets are sharpened for games, now they are almost never used (but they have admirers). You can count on the support of games with high quality graphics, use the glasses with a PC (but you need to install the appropriate programs). Without a prefix, such models do not work.

There are also stand-alone or video glasses. They are equipped with a small computer and a battery. This solution is mobile, does not depend on the use of external technical devices. The effect of presence, however, will not be either. The functionality is very different, depending on the specific model - specify. The base VR headset is included, if you need an additional one, order it separately.

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VR glasses - what is it

New virtual reality glasses are multifunctional universal devices. They stimulate three-dimensional audiovisual spaces, consist of a cardboard base, a screen with a small partition, aspherical lenses (needed to focus images). The effect of presence is obtained due to the adaptive transmission of images to both eyes separately, plus accurate tracking of head movements using an accelerometer, a gyroscope sensor.

The devices also include:

  • magnetometers;
  • magnetic buttons;
  • motion controllers;
  • control panels;
  • headphones;
  • microphones;
  • sensors of external type for orientation in space.

The best VRs come complete - buy and use right away. The most expensive VR glasses belong to the premium class, they have advanced functionality, but are quite large. If you need a budget option for simple tasks, take a closer look at democratic models. The choice of options for sale is large, so there is a solution for every taste and budget.

What will VR glasses give you?

If before glasses, virtual reality helmets were used only for games, watching movies, now their areas of application have expanded significantly. You can use the accessory for education, virtual travel, medical purposes, and online sales. It is indispensable in the field of communications, construction, design, holding public events. The main thing is that the capabilities of the selected model meet your needs.

Top 3 Virtual Points

If you are looking for the best VR glasses for smartphone, PC, check out the rating, compare prices. So here are the top options.

HTC Vive Pro

Expensive, but very cool virtual reality helmet. Price - about 50 thousand rubles. This is a PC model with excellent high fidelity screen. The performance is maximum, you can use the accessory for complex games. There is a broadcast of surround sound effects. The fit on the head is comfortable. No wonder the model heads the list of top virtual reality helmets.


  • innovative tracking system;
  • excellent sound;
  • high-quality reliable design;
  • frequency of 60 GHz and above.
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  • high price;
  • Can only be used with PC.

Samsung Gear VR

The best option in terms of price-quality ratio. The design is ergonomic, thought out to the smallest detail, the viewing angle is decent, the transitions during image playback are smooth. Glare, light spots will not. Management is simple and intuitive. The cost is about 6 thousand rubles.


  • availability;
  • high-quality construction, durability;
  • comfortable fit;
  • the presence of a proprietary application.


  • there may be difficulties with the availability of applications.

oneLounge VR BOX

oneLounge VR BOX

This is a simple budget employee, but he copes with his tasks. The main advantage is the price, it is only about 1400 rubles. A good choice for watching movies. These are the best VR glasses for smartphones in the budget segment.


  • optimal sizes;
  • compatibility with any operating systems of smartphones;
  • openings for ventilation;
  • viewing angle - 360 degrees.


  • there is no remote control;
  • modest functionality.


There are different models of virtual reality glasses on sale - from simple and cheap to fancy, multifunctional and very expensive. Please note that most modifications are compatible with only one type of device (smartphone, PC or set-top box). Naturally, the more a helmet can do, the more expensive it is. The main thing is that there are solutions for every taste, wallet, for solving problems of varying complexity. When buying, be sure to look at the package, if something is missing, you will have to buy accessories, a headset, and this is a plus for the price. If you are looking for a reliable solution for the ages, stop at glasses or a virtual reality helmet of a well-known brand. We recommend to study the ratings, reviews.

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