How to troubleshoot a turbine

How to troubleshoot a turbine

The turbine is one of the most important parts of the car, so its failure can seriously disrupt your plans. But do not be upset ahead of time, it is quite possible that the malfunction can be quickly eliminated.

The most common fault

It is a smudge of engine oil into the intake or exhaust system. In order to correct this situation, you need to check these systems for air intake resistance. The maximum value of this indicator should not exceed 25. You need to fix this, drain the oil, make sure that all rubber parts have regained their shape and start the engine again. If the situation has returned to normal, your car does not need to replace the turbine.
If air enters the intake system of the car engine, you need to tighten all the belts tighter, check whether the parts and assemblies fit snugly. Otherwise, a decrease in pressure may cause engine oil to leak into the system.

The cause of an oil leak can also be a blockage in the outlet pipes. If you notice oil traces on the engine turbine, try to clean all the pipes connected to it. If you notice damage to them, cracks, breaks, they need to be replaced. If you do not do this on time, then after a while a much larger number of parts of your car will be subject to replacement.

A similar situation can occur if the engine ventilation system is clogged. Sometimes a simple cleaning can be enough to get your car back up and running.
In order to find out the cause of the breakdown, check the numbers of the turbine and engine. If they do not match, this should be corrected as soon as possible. The wrong compressor can create the wrong pressure, causing the entire system to fail.

If a malfunction is found, check the turbine bearings. They should move freely, but be securely fastened. If excessive clearances are found, the turbine will need to be replaced. All valid and necessary parameters can be found in the repair manual that is attached to each car.

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Remember that you can only try to fix problems yourself if you know exactly what you are doing and what exactly the breakdown is. Otherwise, it is always better to turn to professionals. There are enough companies that carry out high-quality repair of turbines now, and you can easily find the right one.

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