Buy quality shoes - ensure the health of your feet

The Ukrainian market is overflowing with a variety of footwear from domestic and foreign manufacturers. Therefore, it is not so easy to choose the right product. Sometimes the quality doesn't match the price. But you can, and vice versa, for a reasonable price to buy solid shoes.

Wholesale purchases in the online store

Quality footwear wholesale at affordable prices is offered by the online store for the whole family Childrenshoes. A well-established scheme of cooperation directly with trusted manufacturers from different countries makes it possible not to set a markup on goods. Products from domestic suppliers are also provided, which will last more than one season. You can buy profitably on this site both slippers and womens sneakers wholesale, because there is a large selection of trendy shoes for any time of the year at low prices. The company goes to meet every wholesale buyer and helps to choose the right product.

Variety of assortment

The main groups of shoes and requirements for it:

  • winter - should be durable, comfortable, with insulated insoles;
  • spring - comfortable, without bedding, with a thin sole;
  • summer - light, made of natural materials so that the legs "breathe";
  • demi-season - durable, able to protect legs from rain and sleet, designed to move from one period of the year to another (autumn-winter, winter-spring);
  • professional - comfortable, wear-resistant, without decor, for use by representatives of certain professions (boots, clogs);
  • orthopedic - with a relief insole that can align the foot;
  • home - light and soft to wear at home or in the yard.

The most popular types of shoes:

  • boots - over the knee boots, uggs, military;
  • boots - army, Chelsea, oxfords;
  • shoes - louboutins, stilettos, pumps, T-Strap, Mary Janes;
  • sandals - slinbacks, Open toe;
  • sports shoes - sneakers, sneakers, ballet flats, converse.

Materials used

The positive aspects of shoes depend on the material from which it is made.

Advantages of genuine leather products:

  • strength and aesthetics;
  • suitable for any season - warm in winter, cool in summer;
  • legs "breathe";
  • the product adapts to the shape of the foot;
  • protection against temperature fluctuations;
  • comfort.
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Advantages of suede products:

  • elegance and aesthetics;
  • convenience;
  • softness and elasticity;
  • thermal insulation properties - in winter boots made of suede, the legs will not freeze.

The positive aspects of leatherette shoes:

  • wear;
  • hypoallergenicity;
  • affordable price.

Despite the wide range of products, you need to find a pair so that you like the model and the size fits. From inappropriate shoes, only corns and discomfort will remain. The right choice of shoes will ensure healthy feet and easy walking.

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