The best gaming chairs for gamers

Eight-pixel toys have already been replaced by a new level of gameplay. Most areas of activity have switched to a virtual mode. As a result, if not so long ago a person could spend 30-40 minutes at a computer, today this time is equal to a day. Just in time to think about health and choose the right furniture. The article will provide sufficient material, including the best gaming chair.

Properly selected chair is the key to health

Why is it important to choose your work area wisely? Because prolonged sitting in the wrong position leads to serious problems:

  • Wrong posture. This is not only an aesthetic side, but the degradation of the back muscles.
  • Discomfort in the lumbar region.
  • The appearance of a headache.
  • An increase in blood pressure, which can develop into persistent hypertension.

Since gamers spend an incredible amount of time behind the "machine", it is important to ask the question: "Which gaming chair to choose?».

Choice. Main criteria

Having entered a store or an Internet portal, how to understand that a good gaming chair is offered? If you miss questions about brands and features of each model, pay attention to the following criteria when choosing:

  • Appearance. For many, it will seem that the point is not so important. Perhaps there is some truth in this. However, for most, design matters a lot. Here questions immediately arise: “How much a chair for computer games fit into the design”, “Does it fit the mouse” and so on. By the way, if you look closely, the world's gaming chair companies produce very stylish and futuristic furniture.
  • Design features. At this point, it is important to note how strong the parts are, whether they have sufficient ergonomics to support the back and lumbar. It is important to pay attention to the presence of a headrest, as well as soft armrests and an anatomical backrest.
  • Control zones. The more details that are subject to change in position, the better. In order for a gamer to feel comfortable for a long amount of time, the chair must be lowered and raised. You can also adjust the level of the armrests and footrests, the angle of the backrest, and so on.

Manufacturing materials. Comfortable gaming chair must meet not only the latest ergonomics, but also be made of "breathable material". It is recommended to give preference to natural materials that can pass air in sufficient quantities. Elite material will make it possible to have a presentation even after a long number of years.

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Common classification

The abundance offered by each store cannot but rejoice. However, in parallel, a lot of questions arise: “Which brand is better?”, “How does one model differ from another?”, “Is it better to take the furniture of past years or is it better to stay on the updated version?”.

To save the future buyer from most questions, a review of gaming chairs was selected. Among the impressive list, everyone will choose an interesting option for themselves.

Before starting the review, important details should be recalled. Among gamers, it is customary to classify furniture as follows:

  • budget gaming chairs
  • furniture, the cost of which varies in the middle segment;
  • luxury options.

What is the difference between the product belonging to each niche? As for the budget option, the furniture is distinguished by the minimum necessary functionality and sufficient convenience. Plus to it — loyal price policy.

The middle segment - in this case, the functionality has already been expanded, high-quality materials have been used. And finally, premium class furniture, “forcing” to spend a long amount of time in it without harm to health. In such a chair, a gamer can not only sit, but even sleep. This is the maximum comfort. Orthopedic backrest, modern trendy design and the use of innovative technologies.

Top best for 2022

Gaming chair comparison only possible if they belong to the same price niche. It is impossible to adequately evaluate the "Zhiguli" and "Mercedes".

Below are the best gaming chairs, according to experienced professionals.

Among the inexpensive options are the following:

  • Trust GXT 705 Ryon Gaming Chair. The budget gaming chair is distinguished by the presence of settings and a diverse range of colors. The gamer will find both calm monochromatic options and a combination of bright colors. A durable frame and eco-leather make it possible to serve the furniture for a long time.
  • Cougar Armor One - a model that is definitely worthy of attention. Here you begin to understand that the budget niche is also able to amaze. The peculiarity of the chair is carefully thought-out ergonomics and a variety of settings. The gamer will be able to "fit" the place for themselves.
  • Samurai S-3 rightfully occupies a leading position in this segment. The material is breathable mesh, which is incredibly durable. The presence of aramid fibers makes the mesh "not killed". The chair is equipped with a multiblock, thanks to which it is possible to fix and unfold the back and seat at the same time.

Time to move on to the mid-price segment, which is a popular niche. The following gaming chairs are distinguished in the ranking:

  • Cougar Armor S - really worthy option. First of all, you pay attention to the impeccable softness. Even half a day after sitting, a person feels rested. The model changes the position of the armrests in a three-dimensional plane, unfolds to a horizontal position, adjusts the level of swing stiffness, and so on.
The best gaming chairs
  • Evolution EvoTop made of mesh material, which is a real trend lately. The material is almost weightless and boasts a long service life. As for the armrests, they are not adjustable. Despite the fact that the "skeleton" is made of plastic, it is of high quality and durability.
The best gaming chairs
  • AeroCool AC220 AIR - Another interesting model, definitely worthy of the rating of the best. Of the main advantages, the “butterfly” mechanism is distinguished, a sufficient amount of space implies comfortable accommodation even for an obese person. Thanks to the functionality, the gamer easily turns the chair into a comfortable soft bed. The model is made of non-woven material and foam filler.
The best gaming chairs

It's time to review the real "monsters" that almost every professional player dreams of.

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The segment implies comfort and pleasure from the process itself:

  • DxRacer Iron OHIS133N like a seat in an expensive car. Genuine durable leather does not lose its presentable appearance for a long time. Equipped with a multifunctional mechanism that allows you to perfectly fit the person. The foam filler ensures that there is no subsidence of places that give in to pressure.
The best gaming chairs
  • Vertagear S-Line SL4000 is a product of a team whose activities are aimed at the development of eSports. By the way, the direction in the modern world is incredibly popular. Many argue that the future lies with esports. Four-dimensional adjustment of the armrests, elements for supporting the lower back and back, high-quality fillers and material of manufacture.
The best gaming chairs
  • DXRACER the best gaming chair, according to the majority. Leather furniture is made in the best traditions of the brand. High-density sponge filler makes it possible to maintain the factory shape. Possibility of fixing in different positions of the main parts. Rubberized feet prevent the chair from sliding on the floor and scratching it. Advanced gas lift, made in Germany. A maximum load of up to 150 kg is possible.
The best gaming chairs

Choosing a gaming chair requires a careful approach, with a scrupulous assessment of every detail. The more the gamer spends behind the “machine”, the better and better it is necessary to purchase a chair. It is strongly recommended to give preference only to proven brands that have managed to firmly establish themselves in the market.

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