Choosing a microwave

Choosing a microwave

When it is important for the family to quickly prepare tasty and healthy meals, it is wise to use a modern microwave oven. But it is found different in the type of heating device used, while it is important for the family to decide on the extremely powerful, economical and inexpensive version.

The most popular versions of the solo class can be considered, equipped with one or even two magnetrons that emit microwave radiation, capable of heating water in the body of food almost instantly. The power of these microwaves often starts at 700 watts and ends at 1 watts, which is considered quite sufficient for both cooking and heating any food. Budget models are equipped with a timer and power, while more expensive counterparts also have programmable settings.

The disadvantage of the above versions is that they are not able to guarantee a crispy crust. In this case, it is better to take stoves with additional heating elements, which are found both quartz and electric. The former allow you to cook food much faster and are excellent in terms of efficiency, while electric heating elements are easy to clean and they are cheaper. But all the same, models with heating elements are much more expensive than solo class analogues, and it makes sense to buy them only if you need to cook fried chicken or meat.

The highest quality roasting is guaranteed by convection ovens, which, in addition to the above equipment, are also equipped with fans. It is worth using the latter, as hot air can cook food in the form of a baked potato or fried meat much faster.
When choosing microwaves, it is important to determine the volume. Inexpensive models of the order of $50 often have a chamber capacity of no more than 18 liters, which allows you to cook chicken on a turntable, but if the family is large, then it is reasonable to choose models with a capacity of up to 30 liters. The cost of the latter is relatively high, but they allow you to cook a lot of healthy and really tasty food at a time.

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And it is highly recommended to check the microwave in the store for operability, that is, you need to ask the seller to place a glass of cold water on the turntable and turn on the equipment at maximum power. If within 1-2 minutes the water in the glass boils and the turntable rotates, then everything is in order - the magnetron of the equipment is in good condition.

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