How to show accurate battery percentage on iPhone 12?

If you've been using the new iPhone 12 series, you must have noticed that the battery icon doesn't show the exact percentage of battery remaining. In previous iPhone models, the remaining battery percentage could be seen in the upper right corner along with the battery icon. So, today we will see how to show battery percentage in iPhone 12.

Even though the new iPhone 12 series has the best features of the iPhone, Apple has made changes to some of the phone's most basic features. This new update from Apple is definitely very annoying as constantly checking the battery level is a habit for many. While the battery status can be seen, it is not the same as a percentage. Changing the settings does not help in this case. There are several alternatives to this problem. But to warn you, the battery percentage cannot be displayed on the status bar. Instead, you can resort to other options.

Different Ways To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone 12, Mini And Pro Max:

1. Steps to Check Battery Through Control Center

The easiest way to check the remaining battery without returning to the home screen is the Control Center. For people who constantly check their phone's battery, opening the Control Center is the best option.

  • Swipe down from the top right corner of iPhone.
  • When the Control Center opens, you can see the battery percentage in the top right corner along with other icons.

If you want to make accessing the Control Center even bigger, easier, or you feel like swiping down every time you need to check the time is tricky, you can add a gesture to the settings menu to have the Control Center open with a simple gesture.

  • Go to the settings menu, scroll down to the "Accessibility" section and select the "Touch" option.
  • At the bottom there is an option "Return to top". Click on it
  • You can now set the gesture as Double Tap or Triple Tap.
  • Choose the option you need
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With the new gesture installed, you can open the Control Center with a double tap whenever you want to check your battery percentage or anything else. Access to this gesture is not required only from the home screen. Every time you double-tap, the Control Center appears.

2. Ask Siri for Help.

Siri, your virtual assistant can help you instantly. Set the "Listen to Hey Siri" option in the settings menu if you don't want to press the side button every time you talk to Siri. So the steps to ask Siri to check the remaining battery percentage,

  • Press and hold the side button to activate Siri and ask to check the remaining battery.
  • Say "Hey Siri" to activate Siri and check your battery percentage. 

As simple and easy as this option may seem, it is not suitable for all situations. Activating Siri every time you want to know the time is not the best option.

3. Through the Widget on the Home Screen.

If you want to know the battery percentage as soon as you open your iPhone, the best option for you is to add a widget to your home screen. Also with the new iOS 14 update, you can choose between 3 widget sizes to suit your preference. If you don't like a huge widget taking up the entire home screen, you can opt for a smaller widget. These options weren't available until the iOS 14 update.

The battery widget is very simple and shows the battery percentage of your iPhone and other devices connected to it. You can add a battery widget by following a few simple steps.

Steps To Add Battery Widget To Home Screen:

  • Go to the home screen and press and hold any app or empty space.
  • When apps are in an editable state, you may see an option to delete the app.
  • In the upper left corner you can see the + sign. Click on this to add any widget
  • The widget menu will now open. Scroll down to find the battery widget
  • After selecting a widget, a preview of the widget will be shown and you can select any widget size you want.
  • By choosing one of three widget sizes, you can add it to your home screen.

The battery widget will be displayed on the home screen every time you open your iPhone. But you may find it unaesthetic to add a widget to your home screen. If you don't want to populate the home screen with the battery widget, you can add it to the Today View column. It can be added

  • Swipe left to open the Today View menu.
  • Long press and hold on any empty space
  • When the menu becomes editable, click the + icon in the top left corner.
  • You can now add the battery widget to Today View.
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The widget can be moved around the home screen to customize it anywhere. But the size of the widget cannot be changed at will, except for the three available options. There are certain external apps that can be used to display the battery percentage other than the settings in the phone. These apps are available on the App Store.


iPhone 12 is one of the best mobile phones compared to its previous models and other phones on the market. Of course, a new battery status update will cause quite a bit of trouble. But there are several options mentioned above that can be used as an alternative. Also, when you connect your phone to the charger, the battery percentage will be displayed. There is no other way to check the battery. If you notice that your battery is faulty, then it is best to contact specialists who can diagnose your gadget. Link You can get acquainted with the basic repair services for the iPhone 12. Our team strongly recommends that you do not try to fix the device yourself.

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