How to choose good wireless headphones

In today's world, it's hard to imagine your life without headphones, right? They will always come in handy when traveling by public transport, training in the gym and so on. But on the market there is such a large selection of models in a very different price category, so how to decide among all this variety? Top tip: buy headphones without wires. They are much more convenient to use and will not constantly get confused. We have prepared a couple of tips for choosing wireless headphones that should help you decide on a model.

How to choose good wireless headphones

Types by connection technology:

  • bluetooth. In our opinion, this is the best option in terms of price / quality ratio. These headphones can be connected to any devices with built-in Bluetooth, that is, to smartphones, TVs, tablets, PCs and so on. You don’t need to carry any additional accessories with you, which makes the headphones universal. When choosing a model, pay attention to the Bluetooth version. We recommend buying headphones with at least Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Radio channel. These headphones are only suitable for indoor use, as they come with a transmitter large enough to connect to stationary audio equipment. The radio signal passes better through physical obstacles, so indoors these headphones work better than bluetooth ones, but they also run out faster.
  • Optional cable. These are also headphones without wires, but with an additional connector for an audio cable. Using this connector, you can additionally connect the headphones to the equipment in a wired way to save battery power.

There are other wireless connection technologies, but we see no reason to focus on them, since all this has long been outdated. The top one is a Bluetooth connection, or via a radio channel (if you are indoors).

How to choose good wireless headphones

Is noise cancellation necessary?

This is a very cool option, but if the headphones have the ability to turn it on / off as needed. That is, if you are walking down the street, it is better to hear the noise from outside, as it can be signals from cars or any other sounds that you should pay attention to. But listening to music in a busy office or working online in some cafe with this option will become much more comfortable. Be prepared for noise-canceling technology to consume a lot of headphone power, so choose models with maximum autonomy and battery capacity.

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