Top most interesting games for PlayStation 5

Top most interesting games for PlayStation 5

The new generation of consoles is already out. Fast loading, beautiful picture, excellent sound and an advanced gamepad distinguish modern consoles. In this article, we will talk about games for PlayStation 5 - those that have already been released and those that are yet to be released, but definitely deserve attention.


A new project from Arkane Studios is coming out in May 2021. This PlayStation game is interesting for its asynchronous multiplayer. The main character is a killer who is on the island along with other mercenaries. Another player is after him. The combat system looks very interesting, so this project definitely deserves attention.

Gran Turismo 7

Another project, the release of which will take place in the spring of 2021. The new license plate of the famous car simulator has not been seen for quite some time, so this project is of great interest to racing fans. This is a real treat for fans of cars of all kinds with an interesting single-player mode. It is already known that the game will be exclusive to PS 5. On PlayStation 5 game of this level are wildly successful, so many fans are waiting for the release.

Polyphony Digital plans to use all the technical advantages of the new generation of consoles. An SSD will provide lightning-fast downloads. Surround sound technology will definitely be involved, and this will give players the opportunity, even by ear, to distinguish the engine of one car from another. The DualSense gamepad will allow you to understand what kind of surface the car is moving on.

Resident Evil Village

First-person view, atmospheric locations, impressive environment - the game will have something to impress. The eighth part will offer PS 5 players a special experience. They promise support for adaptive triggers and advanced vibration. The game will take place in the countryside. The player will not have to break through the hordes of zombies as in the fifth and sixth parts - the gameplay of the new Resident Evil will be close to the seventh part. In the plot, not the last place is given to the mystical component. It will be possible to get acquainted with the game closer this spring.

If you are interested in games ps 5, Resident Evil: Village is definitely worth checking out. The player will again have to take on the role of Ethan, the plot of the game continues the events of the previous part. The protagonist travels to Louisiana in search of his missing wife.

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The emphasis of the developers is on fighting and exploring the world. Ethan will spend many hours on the creepy streets. The village is full of horrors and secrets, so Ethan's adventure is sure to pique your interest.

Horizon: Forbidden West

On the Sony PlayStation 5, games of this caliber are rare. The first part sold an impressive circulation - over 10 million copies, which is an impressive result for a completely new project. As a result of this, the development of the second part of Aloy's adventures began. The geography of travel will expand, even more diverse flora and fauna will appear, and the underwater world will appear. Events take place on the territory of America, as indicated by various architectural structures that could be seen in the trailer.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

An independent spin-off dedicated to Miles Morales, a black guy who appeared in the original game. Like Peter Parker, he is endowed with superpowers. Players are waiting for winter New York, a variety of opponents, well-developed character control. The developers have fully utilized the capabilities of DualSense - here you have support for adaptive triggers and advanced vibration. Not to be missed is great audio with lightning-fast downloads.

Cyberpunk 2077

The most important release of 2020 that so many players have been waiting for. The task before the Poles was daunting - The Witcher 3 set a very high bar, so a lot was expected from the next project, CD Project Red. The game takes place in a dystopian future where the player takes on the role of a man named V. The player can choose one of three available pasts for the character, and then travel to Night City, a vast world dominated by technology and neon. The game is notable for the fact that the appearance of one of the key characters - Johnny Silverhand - gave Keanu Reeves.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

A fast-paced new first-person action game that will be exclusive to PS 5. Like many other platform exclusives, this slasher game promises support for adaptive triggers, advanced vibration and other delights of modern control. Events unfold in Tokyo. Most people have disappeared from this city, now the streets of the Japanese capital are filled with demons. The main character will have to fight with them, using an extensive arsenal of magic and melee weapons.

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In this game, the main character is a Valorian knight. He is one of the few survivors. It has a distinctive feature - it is able to wear armor that gives the owner incredible abilities. Godfall is an unusual slasher that takes place in a fantasy sea where the main task of the heroes is to prevent the destruction of the world. It is possible to play alone or with friends in cooperative mode - up to three. It is possible to customize classes through the use of different sets of armor.

Hitman 3

The final part of the World of Assassination trilogy. Again, the player tries on the role of a professional killer. The game has six new locations, including Dubai and Dartmoor. Players who own Hitman and Hitman 2 will be able to import maps, levels, and their progress into the new installment.

Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart

Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart continues the storyline of the previous installment and adds a new playable character. The continuation of the famous platformer was one of the main games at the presentation of the PlayStation 5. New strange guns, various gadgets, interesting abilities - all this awaits interested gamers in this game. The ultra-fast SSD performs well here - you can move between different worlds in a split second. In the demonstrated gameplay, Ratchet teleports from the metropolis to the canyon almost instantly. The picture is also pleasing - the high quality of the graphics will not leave anyone indifferent.

Other games worth checking out

Our top PlayStation games don't stop there. I would like to highlight a few projects. Particularly the remake Demon's Souls, on which the authors of the remake of Shadow of the Colossus worked. The graphics have been significantly updated, the controls have also been redesigned. Curious is the fact that the original was released on PS 3, but was not re-released on PS 4. Therefore, anyone who would like to touch the origins of the Dark Souls series should try to purchase this remake.

Ken: Bridge of Spirits is another project that deserves attention. Although this game is developed by a small independent studio, its visual part is impressive. You have to play for a girl whose name is Ken. She explores an abandoned forest, with the help of little spirits. There are a lot of secrets, good graphics, an excellent combination of action and adventure - the game definitely deserves attention. It vaguely resembles Overlord - except that the style was darker in it. The game is expected to be released in March.

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