PVC inflatable boats in Kharkov: we facilitate the operation of your vessel!

Without a quality boat, it is difficult to imagine your leisure time for a competent fisherman, hunter or just an outdoor enthusiast. Every year, the choice of such vehicles is complicated by the increase in their additional functionality. Wherein buy PVC boats Aquamania in Kharkov or another city is absolutely not difficult if you know exactly what you are looking for.

In addition to its reliability and thoughtful design, the craft must have several key qualities that can greatly simplify the life of its owner. How to choose a boat that will suit your needs and at the same time create optimal conditions for your stay in it? What is worth knowing about in order not to overpay for unnecessary functionality that you will never use? We will tell you about this and much more right now!

Advantages and nuances of using PVC boats

Modern inflatable boats are made of rubber and PVC. Today we will not consider rubber products, but we will focus on their PVC relatives. Every year such boats are becoming more and more popular.

PVC inflatable boats in Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine have a lot of advantages. The most significant of them are:

  • lightness of the whole structure;
  • excellent maneuverability;
  • good level of patency even in the most difficult areas;
  • compact size;
  • absence of decay and other harmful processes in the texture of the material of the craft;
  • resistance to low temperatures;
  • no need to blow off after operation (such vessels can stay in the unfolded state for at least six months);
  • resistance to aggressive substances (gasoline, oil, salt water);
  • mobility.

Another significant advantage of such products is the ease of their repair with minor damage. If you pierced such a boat, it is enough to seal the damaged area with a band-aid and you can safely sail on.

The only nuance that arises in the process of choosing PVC boats is their cost. It is much larger than their rubber prototypes. However, every year it becomes more and more affordable to buy such a product, due to the reduction in the cost of its components and the simplification of the composition of PVC.

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TOP 8 additional accessories for your vessel

In general, everyone understands what characteristics of a PVC inflatable boat in Kharkov you need to pay attention to if you plan to buy it. We want to point out to you those additional features that will greatly facilitate the operation of such a vessel.

  1. Transom wheels (They make it easier to transport the boat from the car to the water, even if it is full of various equipment).
  2. Oars (They should fit comfortably in your hand and not be too heavy. Best of all, if you try them right away. The best option is products with wide and curved blades).
  3. Mobility of the seat (It is best if it moves from the bow to the stern of your boat. Stationary seats have become obsolete for a long time and are completely impractical. One of the best options is the design of the Aquamania brand seats).
  4. The presence of metal rings (With their help, you can fix various fishing equipment, such as cages, kukans, fishing rods).
  5. Keel (Required only if you are going to move through the water at a speed of at least 20 km / h. This increases the stability and controllability of the craft).
  6. A raised bow will protect the owner of the boat from excessive spray and will "extinguish" the wave at high speed.
  7. Leer (A necessary safety item that makes it easier for a person who has fallen overboard to get into the boat. You can also hang an anchor on it).
  8. The outer rim protects you and your boat from water intrusion.

The presence of all the above accessories will greatly facilitate the operation of your vessel. If you have already purchased a PVC inflatable boat in Kharkov without them, do not be upset. Such additional accessories will not be difficult to buy additionally. It is best if they are the same brand as your boat.

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"Three whales" of choosing the best vessel for you

We have dealt with additional accessories. But what about those qualities that must be taken into account when selecting a vessel for occasional use?

In order for your PVC inflatable boat in Kharkiv to serve you for an unlimited period, we recommend that you analyze before buying it:

  • the area where you will most often use it;
  • transportation features (do you have a car, what are the dimensions of the trunk);
  • the number of people who will be accommodated in it;
  • available storage space.

Focusing on all these nuances, you can choose the best PVC vessel that will delight you for many years.

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