The best exercises for working at the computer: do the warm-up correctly

The best exercises for working at the computer

If you have to sit a lot, this is not the best way to affect the condition of the spine and the whole body. In this case, exercises during sedentary work will help - they are simple, there is no need to leave the workplace. Their implementation will help to avoid problems with the neck, you will also get tired less.

It is advisable to do them daily. You will need to break away from work for only 15 minutes - and the effect will be excellent.

Turns and tilts of the head

Let's start with an exercise to strengthen the neck. Stand up, keep your back straight, turn your head left and right, 4 times in each direction, try to see what is happening behind. The next step is head tilts. Tilt it back and forth, try to reach your chest with your chin. At each extreme point, count to three. Such gymnastics at work will help relax the neck muscles and improve blood circulation in the head.

Head movements forward and backward

Sit up straight, then move your head back and forth. First, try to stretch your neck as far forward as possible, and then lean back. Repeat the exercise several times. Then clasp your hands behind your head and press. Then put your elbows on the table, and press your chin on your clasped hands.

Stretching the shoulder girdle

Those who are interested in how to stretch their back should start this exercise. It will stretch the muscles of the shoulder girdle. We clasp our hands in the castle, raise them up above our heads. In the final part of the exercise for the back, when sitting, you need to move your shoulders up and down. First we lift them up, hold them in this position for a few seconds, then relax and lower them down.

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Stretching the chest

Raise your arms, elbows to the sides, join your palms. Press them against each other for 15 seconds, then relax and rest for 5-10 seconds. The exercise must be performed 4 times.

Stretching the back

The following exercise will help stretch your spine. Stretch your arms up, palms facing each other. Slowly lean to the left as much as possible. In this position, it is desirable to linger for a few seconds. The exercise must be performed 4 more times. This is great for stretching the back muscles. It is this exercise that is recommended to be done if a person has scoliosis.

Strengthen the lumbar

The complexity of the following exercise for the neck and back during sedentary work is low. You will need to sit with a straight back and bring your feet together. We lean to the left and try to reach the floor with our palms. Then we return to the starting position, deviate to the right and stretch our palms to the floor. The exercise must be performed 7 times.

It will not be superfluous to stretch your feet. To do this, take off your shoes and put a pen on the floor. Then we roll it on the floor with our feet. The exercise must be performed for 10-15 minutes. This will help get rid of stress.

We recommend another exercise to relieve fatigue from the hands. It is easy to perform - you can do it both sitting and standing. Stretch your left hand forward, raise your right hand up. Then pull the right one forward, and lift the left up.

Do not forget to stretch your wrists - every hour it is recommended to do rotational movements, 10 times clockwise and 10 counterclockwise.

How to work on a computer

To avoid unnecessary stress on the body, you need to sit correctly. A good chair that is comfortable to sit on is important. The back is straight, the shoulders are laid back. The top of the monitor is at eye level.

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Every thirty minutes it is recommended to take a short walk. This allows for normal blood circulation. Instead of using elevators and escalators, use stairs - this is a payload for your heart and legs. Properly performed exercises for the head and neck will favorably affect your health. If there are small breaks in the work - for example, restarting the computer - use them correctly. You can do some physical exercises - squats or push-ups.

During the break, breathe deeply - tighten the press during deep breaths. You can also perform exercises with improvised means. Put a hand expander next to you. The thing is small, light and effective. For example, when you read something from the screen, your hands are probably free. At this time, you can use the expander to warm up. An excellent option is an elastic band, it does not take up much space. Use it to stretch your muscles as often as possible. A well-timed warm-up will give you a boost of energy.

Don't forget to give your eyes a rest. Every half an hour, you need to break away from the monitor and focus on something else. Move your gaze to a nearby object, and then to something far away.

Warm up regularly - this will avoid many problems with the joints, as well as diseases of various organs.

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