iPhone stopped charging?

Rapid discharge of a smartphone is one of the most common problems with Apple products, which often makes you think about purchasing a power bank. It is with this wording that Apple smartphone owners often turn to service centers to repair or diagnose causes. With modern equipment Repair iPhone not a problem, however, in addition to possible malfunctions of the device itself, there are a number of malfunctions due to which the iPhone may not see the connected charge or quickly discharge. Let's consider them in more detail:

Damaged charging port  

The most vulnerable spot for contamination is the charging port. Dust, dirt, crumbs - easily get into the smartphone socket, exactly like liquid from rain, snow, spilled drink. Clean the connector and the problem may be solved.  

old battery

Apple uses lithium-ion batteries, which on average last up to 500 charge-discharge cycles, or two years of passive waiting. Check the condition of the battery - the reason may be in it. 

Power circuits not working

The power circuit is a microcircuit that coordinates the connection of the smartphone with the charger. If the phone is dropped or contaminated, the power circuit chip may fall off, corrode, or cause a short circuit. Run iPhone diagnostics to determine the level of condition of this chip.

Operating system freeze 

Due to the many programs involved in the work, the iPhone may not perform its functions correctly. Thanks to the skill of Apple engineers, this doesn't happen often, but it does happen. Just restart your smartphone and the operating system, and specifically in our case, the power controller, will eliminate possible errors and inaccuracies. 

Third party or defective accessories

Always use only Apple devices for charging, which protect your smartphone from power surges, avoid damage to the socket and extend the life of the battery itself. Also, before charging, check the condition of the cords and sockets, because interruptions can negatively affect the further operation of the device.     

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Sometimes, simple and at first glance obvious steps can extend the life of your favorite smartphone and help you fix a number of minor damages on your own. Enjoy your iPhone while keeping these little tips in mind!

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