The best car for a novice driver

The best car for a novice driver

After passing the exams and obtaining a driver's license, the only thing left is to choose a car for yourself.

When deciding how to choose a car for a beginner, it is advisable to ask for advice from drivers with extensive experience, their knowledge will help in the selection of transport.

When buying a first car for a beginner, the main thing is safe and convenient driving. It is very important that the first car for a beginner has operational and technical parameters in good condition. It is necessary to consider the frequency of use of the car, and not just the color and brand.

It is desirable that the car for novice drivers be as reliable as possible, meet all safety requirements and its price is within the available amount. It is necessary to choose a car based on the needs and it is better to decide in advance on the most significant options for yourself.

Someone and the ancient "Lada" will be a joy, and someone can buy "Mercedes" almost once a month. If you have money, you can buy a car that is safer, more solid and more comfortable. But in such cars, it will be difficult for a beginner to understand all the buttons, levers, engine operation, modes, etc. In an expensive instance, the debutant driver acts indecisively in different circumstances, does not remember dangerous areas well, does not feel the dimensions, does not foresee the situation on the road.

Consequently, the lack of driving skill will have a devastating effect on the serviceability of the car. And for the hijackers, this transport is a tasty morsel.

Therefore, as a car for novice drivers, an easy-to-operate and maintain, inexpensive car is suitable.

The very first and most popular approach is an old cheap car for a beginner. Even if something happens to him, it will not be so sorry. Having gained experience, you can take more expensive and more abruptly. But at the same time, it should be remembered that an old car will take quite a lot of money for repairs and that the control in an old car can fail when driving and not only the driver, but strangers will suffer.

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The second option - and among used cars there are good copies. But we should not forget that a beautiful and well-groomed car can break down in two or three days.

And the third version is buying a car from scratch. Of course, this is preferable, a new thing is always nicer than one that someone has already used. But we should not forget that not everyone can buy a new car because it is expensive and the fact that a new car can be removed from the warranty if maintenance is not done on time, which is also not cheap.

In any case, you need to keep in mind that no matter what the best first car is, you must not forget the basic rules:

  • the car must be technically sound;
  • it is better not to save on security systems;
  • A novice driver must confidently drive a vehicle.

The next point: which car to choose for a beginner - a domestic or a foreign car? First of all, it depends on the financial capabilities of the buyer. Depending on them, the problem is solved: new or used. It must be remembered that a well-groomed foreign car that has been in the same hands is valued much higher than a new domestic one.

If you have such a choice, you need to evaluate all their pros and cons: a foreign car is more comfortable, more prestigious and more reliable. But our car is much cheaper to maintain, it is inexpensive and spare parts are again relatively inexpensive, and you can find them without any problems, and if you have certain skills, you can repair the car yourself.

In recent years, the differences between domestic and foreign cars have blurred quite significantly, so the answer to the question: what should be the best car for a beginner does not depend on the country of manufacture.

Criterias of choice

  • Used or new.
  • Subcompact or sports "glutton".
  • Domestic or foreign car.
  • Diesel or petrol.
  • Automatic transmission or mechanics.
  • Body type: sedan, hatchback, station wagon, coupe, etc.
  • SUV or SUV.
  • Engine power.
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There are many nuances, a novice driver himself must weigh his wishes and possibilities and make a choice.

From the point of view of cash costs for a car, a novice driver is more likely to fit a car of an average price category, because driving practice comes with inevitable damage to vehicles. To replace a mirror at a cost not much less than an apartment in Moscow is a very unpleasant situation.

Active and passive safety systems: airbags, various electronic assistants, seat belts - all this should be equipped with the first car.

When purchasing your first car, you do not need to chase after sporting qualities, bright appearance and dynamics. It is better to give preference to the most popular and common models. If such a car needs repair, this can be done at any car dealership, spare parts are not a problem and their price will be low, since these cars are sold annually in large quantities, both new and used.

When purchasing the first car, a novice driver takes a very responsible step, therefore, in order not to be disappointed, you need to carefully approach the search, understand what is required.

Whatever car is chosen, the main thing is not to ignore the manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance and operation, to comply with traffic rules and then the driver will always remember his first car with love.

Most popular used cars

  • Hyundai Solaris;
  • Renault Logan;
  • KIA River;
  • Daewoo Nexia;
  • Vauxhall Astra;
  • Volkswagen passat.

The best car for a beginner

  • Ford Focus;
  • Mitsubishi Lancer;
  • Toyota Corolla;
  • Toyota Camry.
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