A new trend - a bed with an upholstered headboard from the Market Furniture online store

The bedroom is the only place where a person can feel protected. Therefore, the arrangement of this home corner takes a lot of time and effort. The main attribute can be a bed with a soft headboard, which has recently been gaining more and more popularity. A luxurious bed can transform the interior, provide the owners with additional comfort. Interesting collections can be viewed on the website of the Furniture Market store. Furniture companies are constantly expanding the range of products offered, so each buyer will find his own solution.

What are the types of products

A soft bed with a decorative headboard performs several functions. First of all, it is an aesthetic component. The headboard itself can be an interior accent in the room. Secondly, rest on such a bed is a necessary comfort. There is no contact with the wall, the pillows do not move out, you can lean on while watching a movie or reading a book. Thirdly, in children's versions, such a model reduces the risk of injury to the child on the sides.

In Dnipro submitted beds of different shapes, configurations and sizes. To understand the numerous proposals, check out the main criteria by which the presented models can be divided:

  • back design;
  • material for the manufacture of the base, frame, upholstery;
  • number of beds;
  • for which age group;
  • headboard shape and size;
  • design;
  • model class (standard, premium segment).

The most common option - the headboard and the base is a single unit. Affordable price, required comfort, large assortment. Attached backrests are a separate furniture module, they can be large in size, have original shapes (semicircle, rectangle, etc.), and differ in color. Spacious rooms are suitable for such objects. Also, such beds with a soft back are often complemented by shelves, lamps, niches for storing things, and a variety of decorative elements. Hanging options are attached to the wall or ceiling, look original and authentic.

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The cost of the finished product depends on the quality of the construction, so when buying, it is important to pay attention to the materials used - natural wood, metal, MDF, chipboard. You also need to know what raw materials the lamellas are made of, whether there are legs, a bedside niche or drawers, the properties of textiles used for upholstery, and care features. 

Headboard options

If you decide to buy a podium bed, pay attention to the shape and size of the backrest. Furniture should harmoniously fit into the interior, not overload the overall style with unnecessary details, and match the color scheme. The following components are used as a filler for the headboard: 

  • polyurethane foam. Excellent performance, keeps its shape, durable, resilient, relatively inexpensive;
  • foam rubber. The most budget option, may sag over time, although modern materials have increased wear resistance;
  • sintepon. Wears out quickly, is cheap;
  • holofiber. Elastic, high-quality material;
  • latex. Hypoallergenic filler, belongs to the premium segment, is made from natural rubber.

In Kiev, furniture production works with different types of stuffing material. If the furniture is made to order, then the type of filler, upholstery material is selected individually.

Bed as an interior element

When choosing a designer bed, remember that this concept will look alien without the addition of accompanying decor. Before you buy a product, it is important to think about the future style in advance. 

Furniture is most often placed in the center of the room against the wall. Niches and original alcoves are also suitable. If the bed is placed by the window, then the backrest will create a natural noise-absorbing barrier, protecting the sleeper from the bright morning rays. Models with a neat headboard in the corner of the bedroom look great. But in this case, it is necessary to choose rounded shapes without sharp corners and not too bulky.

Furniture factories in Ukraine sell their products through traditional stores, websites and through social networks. Everyone can get acquainted with the detailed characteristics of the models, evaluate the appearance of the bed with a soft headboard thanks to visual content, and get high-quality pre-sales advice. The companies provide a full range of services, including delivery and ordering craftsmen to assemble the structure on site.

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