How to become a frontend retailer?

This article will be obov'yazkovo for you, as it is zatsіkavlenі by the sphere of development, otherwise you may already know in the other room of IT, but now you want to try yourself in the role front endretailer and pass through course.

Frontend: what is it?

Frontend-rozrobnik is a programmer who creates the outer side of websites. From it, the koristuvach can right on the gadget, through which one to sit on the Internet. This type of work is not limited by the style of the site, it transfers the creation of web add-ons, in which add-ons the program code ensures up-to-date functionality. So to obov'yazkіv fahivtsya lie down:

  • The creation of architecture is an addendum and the programming of logic is more advanced for the new.
  • Optimization of processes by the program.
  • Testing finished functionality.
  • Safeguarding high quality and bezmilkovosti with changes in the code.
  • Placement of an addendum on the server for infamous access. 
  • Sledkuvannya for possible pardons through the monitoring, the adoption of tsikh pohibok. 

For different companies, the tasks of retailers in this area can be different. 

How to learn frontend development from DAN.IT

Let you not lykaє tehnologii, nevedomі abbreviations and collapsible names. For an hour you will remember everything and learn to stop. The creation of programs for browsers is based on such things, like HTML-CSS that JavaScript. Before that, how to start creating a site, you need:

  1. Understand what happens when you open it in a browser, how the client-server model works, and what the HTTP protocol is.
  2. Check with the editors to write the code and markup. 
  3. Know the nature of an HTML document, see the tags, the process of adding an image and creating forms.
  4. Recognition of what the block model is, specificity of selectors, positioning, pseudo-elements, cascading styles, adaptive layout.

Do you want to move to the bik frontend? The easiest way to work is to pass course front end at the DAN.IT center in Kiev, where IT-specialists are trained. The initial program for future qualified practitioners in the field was developed by Israeli specialists and adapted to the needs of the specifics of the Ukrainian market; 

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At the courses in Kiev, the skin learns not only to take away the theoretical base of knowledge, but also to create a dekіlka of projects, so that later you can demonstrate it as a proof of the acquired skills. Under the hour of the course, the student will be helped to create a resume and practice.

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