Overview of popular domain name registrars

Overview of popular domain name registrars

As you know, choosing a specific domain name is one of the most important steps in creating a website. And therefore, the choice of a domain registrar also plays an important role. Today we will talk about how to choose the right registrar, and also consider the rating of domain name registrars.

The world's most famous registrar organization

To begin with, let's talk about where it is better to register a com domain - after all, it is one of the most popular and recognizable around the world. Today ICANN is the largest company of the monitored profile. This company is international and owns domains in various well-known domains - .com, .net and many others. However, in the post-Soviet space, other registrars are often more popular, which will be discussed below.

Bullet resistance factor

To begin with, we note that the creator of his own blog or portal, who is looking for the site registrar he needs, should take into account the modern realities of the Web. They consist in the fact that the owner of almost any resource or portal can receive a complaint from users. There are many reasons for this now. Someone will consider that the materials of the site offend the feelings of believers, another user will file a complaint for copyright infringement. There are also articles such as misleading the audience or publications of an extremist nature. Of course, all this often leads to the abuse of these norms and unfounded complaints. That is why the so-called bulletproof hostings are especially in demand at the present time. These include HostWEEK.net, Tucha.ua, Eurobyte.ru and others.

List of popular registrars. No. 1: Reg.ru

Our list of domain registrars is opened by this company, whose services are considered the most convenient. Reg.ru often holds various promotions and bonus campaigns. The number of domain zones exceeds seven hundred. Here you can choose professional, regional and other types of domains. In the Russian market, this registrar is one of the most popular, and has been a leader for several years now.

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No. 2. PS.kz

The second line of the review of domain registrars is continued by this registrar of Kazakhstan. The number of domain areas exceeds 400. Any domain name that is already taken can be pre-ordered. If within one year it becomes free, then registration will be carried out automatically.

No. 3. Ukraine.com.ua

This hosting is the most famous in Ukraine; it is also one of the most reliable, as it is accredited by the already mentioned ICANN global registrar. Ukraine.com.ua offers the ability to search for those domain names that have been released recently. In addition, there is another convenient service on the portal of this hosting - automatic registration renewal.

Popular registrars in the Russian Federation. Ru center

The rating of domain registrars that have proven their reliability in Russia is opened by Ru-center. Here, an impressive number of different domain zones is available to users - more than 700. The option of custom filtering of domain zones is provided. It is believed that this service has a good reputation; it also provides the ability to both quickly register a domain and quickly connect hosting. This domain registrar is considered one of the most established domain registrars. On this service, you can immediately register a domain and connect hosting services. Which, in fact, allows you to start the full-fledged creation of the site as soon as possible.


This company is also a popular and sought-after domain registrar, and also provides hosting services. Here, unlike the previous services, there is a service called "Domain name return". It helps those users who, for one reason or another, did not pay for the domain on time, but quickly decided to correct this error. Timeweb is also good because it allows you to receive special discounts and offers for wholesale customers. There is also a nice cashback, which can reach 10-20%. Cashback is available for those customers who purchase several domain names at the same time.

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The service provides domains in about 280 areas. Hosting services are also available for customers. There are not so many amenities on this service in comparison with the sites described above. However, there is an interesting service of promotional domains, for which significant discounts are provided to buyers.

This concludes our ranking of domain registrars. We hope that from this list the reader will find a quality suitable service with the necessary set of services.


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