How Vacuum Cleaner Parameters Affect Price: Expert Response

Choosing a vacuum cleaner is not an easy task even for a tech-savvy person: the assortment is the widest, each manufacturer has proprietary technologies and chips. But each additional feature is reflected in the overall cost of the device.

What specific parameters of a modern vacuum cleaner most affect the price? We asked this question to the consultants of the Eldorado online store.

Power and functionality

The key parameter on which the price of a vacuum cleaner largely depends is power. Moreover, the suction power is more affected, which is not always in direct proportion to the maximum consumption of the electric motor.

For comparison: samsung vacuum cleaner price VC07R302MVR/UK with a suction power of 200 W is UAH 2 less than the price of the VC000K15HG/UK model, whose efficiency is 4176 W. At the same time, the power consumption of the first is 390 W, and the second is 750.

Vacuum cleaners up to 200W are good on smooth floors, but not on carpets. While models of 400 W and above are excellent at pulling debris out of high pile. They can already use a mechanical turbo brush, which is powered by suction and takes away some of the useful power. But with such a brush, it is much easier to clean furniture and pet hair.

Filtration system

The second factor is the technology of filtration and garbage collection. All existing vacuum cleaners today are divided into 3 categories:

  • bag work with a disposable or reusable waste container;
  • container. It is more convenient than the previous ones to maintain, but they have their drawbacks;
  • with water filter. The most productive, but bulky and inconvenient to maintain.

In 2021, Ukrainians are choosing container vacuum cleaners more. Moreover, battery models that have proven efficiency and ergonomics are popular.

The segment leader is the Xiaomi brand. According to experts, for the price of a rechargeable Xiaomi vacuum cleaner influenced by several factors:

  • battery capacity and duration of work on a single charge;
  • form factor and functionality;
  • nozzles in the basic set.
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Contents of delivery

The basic set of a vacuum cleaner usually comes with a standard brush, a crevice nozzle, and sometimes an additional small brush for furniture. But this is often not enough for high-quality cleaning, especially if there are animals in the house. 

In this case, the turbo brush helps out a lot, which perfectly collects wool even from carpets with high pile. Vacuum cleaners with a turbo brush in the kit are more expensive.

Now you know what the price of a vacuum cleaner depends on and you can easily choose the best model for yourself without losing important technical qualities.

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