How to choose a functional boo switch and not make a mistake?

A network switch is a special device designed to combine several computers into one local network for uninterrupted and secure data exchange. The need to install such devices exists not only at the stage of business expansion, but also in the process of its organization. With a minimum budget that does not allow you to purchase new equipment, the best solution would be switch boo. In terms of functionality, such switches are not inferior to new devices, and can last for a dozen years with proper care.

What are the capabilities of network switches

Networking a computer network is not the only way to use a switch. Switches are operated in domestic, office and even industrial conditions.

Scope of switches:

  • organization of "smart home" technology - when connecting intelligent elements into a single whole, in order to control from one device;

  • security systems - for connecting security sensors and video cameras;

  • industrial networks - for arranging numerous sensors that transmit data on the control of technical processes to the dispatcher's station;

  • corporate networks - to connect office equipment with computers, and further the ability to transmit signals via wired or wireless channels between them;

  • home networks - for connecting several PCs together with media centers or smart TVs.

Each application requires the selection of a switch based on basic characteristics. When buying equipment, preference should be given to those services that provide warranty service and assistance in choosing the best solution for existing tasks.

What to look for when choosing a switch

The range of switches pleases with a variety of models and configurations. In order not to get lost in it, and to choose a switch that is suitable for performing the tasks, you should pay attention to:

  • baud rate:

  • number of ports;

  • management features;

  • availability of the power saving function;

  • stacking, VLAN and PoE support;

  • traffic segmentation capability.

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You also need to pay attention to the way the switches are installed - desktop, wall or rack. The first type of execution is the most compact and is designed for small networks. Wall models are equipped with special grooves for wall mounting. Rack switches are advanced devices for large networks.

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