Top best vacuum cleaners for the home. Advantages and Features

Top best vacuum cleaners for the home. Advantages and Features

Effective cleaning requires more than just time and cleaning products. It is important to choose a model with technical data suitable for your purposes. Buyers are presented with models for light or general cleaning, they differ in design, power sources, types of garbage bags and other characteristics. The best vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning, the quality of which experts do not doubt, will help you quickly put things in order in the apartment.


Before buying new equipment, you need to think not only about price or brand popularity. Cleaning equipment should solve your problems. Evaluate not the number of options, but which ones you will use. The best budget vacuum cleaner has no unnecessary expensive extras, is easy to use and does a great job.

Budget devices perform basic dry cleaning tasks, they are powered by the mains. Among the disadvantages of classic devices: noisy operation, a small number of modes. The best inexpensive vacuum cleaners guarantee high performance on smooth floors and carpets.

What to look for

Features of home appliances help to make the right choice, so light weight simplifies carrying and transporting. Power adjustment on the handle or body is needed to clean rough or fragile objects, soft start will protect the engine from harmful load. With High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing filters, the best vacuum cleaners of 2021 will neutralize fragments from 0,1 to 0,3 microns. Class 14 indicates efficiency up to 99,9%.

The volume of dust collectors depends on the type of equipment. In an ordinary apartment, a capacity of up to 2 liters is enough, with fluffy animals - more. If you decide to buy a wet cleaning model, remember that water containers are usually of negligible volume. It is more profitable to buy a device in which you can add liquid without turning it off.

Samsung SC4140

The powerful Samsung SC4140 vacuum cleaner with a 1500 W power plant is equipped with a three-liter dust container with a full indicator. This best budget vacuum cleaner will help you thoroughly clean your home with comfort. The device is qualitatively assembled, the furniture nozzle-brush is included in the kit. The disadvantages of this vacuum cleaner are associated with the lack of features that are typical for more expensive models. In stores it costs 4550 rubles.

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Bosch BGS 3U1800

Products from Bosch are always in the top of the best vacuum cleaners for the home. The lightweight BGS 3U1800 stands out for its high reliability in heavy-duty use. Dust collection indicator, bagless cyclone system, 300W intensive suction ensure tidying quality. The noise level is low - 67 dB, weight 5,8 kg, long handle, cable 7,2 meters will allow you to connect without an extension cord. In a set: furniture and carpet brushes, a narrow nozzle. You can buy the device for 8250 rubles.


The name of the Karcher company speaks of the quality and professional approach to cleaning issues. The familiar yellow and black WD Premium design is complemented by a 1000W motor with 200 suction power. In a situation where dust needs to be blown away, not sucked in, there is a blowing function. A stainless steel container with a volume of 17 liters is a record among similarly priced models. The weight of the device is 5,9 kg. There is a set of nozzles and a place on the body for their storage. The cost is 6000 rubles.

Philips Performer Compact FC8389

Philips reliability rounds out the top vacuum cleaners of 2021 and outperforms many competitors. The simple, user-friendly Performer Compact is equipped with a HEPA filter and a turbo brush. A capacious three-liter bag will allow you to clean up a large apartment. Stylish high-tech design, weight 4,5 kg. The telescopic tube is easy to adjust to your height. Dust disappears instantly with 375W of power. The device has convenient control, a wire of 5 meters, noise of 83 dB. The special design of one of the sides is arranged for the necessary brushes. The product is available for 7800 rubles.

Galaxy GL6257

When choosing a budget device for cleanliness at home, pay attention to the GL6257 from Galaxy. The maneuverable vacuum cleaner looks attractive, has strong wheels, is equipped with three nozzles: dust, combined, crevice. The 2 liter dust collector is enough for a long time, the power regulator is reasonably located. Telescopic tube of decent quality. The downside is a short power cord of 3,5 meters, but in apartments this length is enough. The price is 3350 rubles.

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Samsung VCC885HH3R/P

Compact device from Samsung with a small 1,3 liter cyclone container. This capacity of the VCC885HH3R is designed to clear a small space. With a modest size, this is a vacuum cleaner with a good filter, an efficient micro-device perfectly copes with its tasks. High-quality body, adjustable airflow, easy cleaning from a proven South Korean brand. The cost is 7360 rubles.

Advantages of cyclone models: comfortable service, quite quiet operation, efficiency. The containers do not have to be cleaned manually - when opened, the contents fall down. Large suction power does not change during operation.


Distinctive features VK76A02NTL from LG: functional dust collector with indication. The small volume of the cyclone filter compensates for easy removal and cleaning. Small size, weight only 5 kg, HEPA microfilter, powerful motor make household chores easy. Excellent traction, average noise level, 5 meters network cable are suitable for cleaning standard rooms. The kit includes nozzles for furniture, smooth floors, carpets, narrow spaces. The price is 5950 rubles.

All modern inexpensive devices meet the basic requirements. Choose high quality equipment from manufacturers with a reputation.

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