Volkswagen Golf 6: pros and cons, problems and disadvantages

Volkswagen Golf 6: pros and cons, problems and disadvantages

The German concern Volkswagen has been producing unique models of cars for many years, which are in great demand among motorists and professionals. The quality of the car is high, it emphasizes the high status of the car owner. The most successful model of this manufacturer is the Volkswagen Golf 6.

For 40 years, more than forty million cars of this concern have been sold, which once again emphasizes the demand for them. Golf 6 years of release has the following: 2008-2013. To purchase this car, you should make a review on the VW Golf 6 in order to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the vehicle, and make a choice.

According to car owners, Volkswagen Golf 6 is the leader in its class. According to the test drives, he was the leader, ahead of Opel Astra J, Cruze, Kia Ceed and other competitors in terms of workmanship, finishing materials, handling, dynamics.

Soft plastic is used in the cabin, all the details are even, neatly executed, do not creak, fit exactly. The feeling that you are in a high-quality expensive car. The dashboard is quite comfortable and original. There are comfortable seats. If you choose a car just for personal use, then it is quite suitable for these purposes. However, the existing shortcomings should also be taken into account.

So, among the main disadvantages of the Volkswagen Golf are the following:

  • Покрытие. Acrylic paint is quite soft, as a result of which scratches can quickly form on it.
  • body iron. It is durable, but pockets of rust may appear over time, especially if the car is parked in the yard at night.
  • Windshield. A little weak, scratches, microcracks appear over time. For him, it is better to use wipers with soft brushes.
  • central locking. Sometimes it may not work correctly, especially in winter, that is, not all doors open.
  • Rear optics misting due to cracking of the hose that supplies fluid to the rear window washer.

When evaluating power units, the main problems with the Volkswagen Golf 6 can be identified:

  • In winter, a coolant leak is possible, which is eliminated after the car warms up.
  • Warming up the engine at idle, even for a long time, does not reach operating temperature.
  • From the side of the passenger's feet in front after starting the engine, a creak and knock are heard for a while. Golf 6 can eliminate such problems by installing a seal on the fuel line mounts.
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Which engine is better for Golf 6 can be determined by looking at their technical specifications:

  • MPI series motors. A fairly reliable option, very popular. However, after a run of more than one hundred and fifty thousand kilometers, oil consumption increases markedly, crankshaft oil seals begin to flow. Motors of this series can serve up to 450 thousand kilometers.
  • Motor 1.4. The disadvantages include only its low power, but with proper operation of the car, the engine can last up to 300 thousand kilometers.
  • Motor 1.6. More dynamic and powerful, but the fuel system is quite finicky. For such a motor, you should buy only high-quality gasoline.
  • Motors of the TSI series. Moderate fuel consumption and fairly dynamic performance. However, there is unreliable fuel equipment and a small resource of the timing chain. In addition, engines are difficult to diagnose and repair.
  • Motor 1.2. Fuel consumption is small, up to 8 liters, but the equipment can quickly fail.
  • Motor 1.4. The above problems add to the unreliability of the turbine.
  • Motor 1.8. Of the possible malfunctions, one can single out the jumping of the circuit during the shutdown of the engine.

The main disadvantages of the Volkswagen Golf 6 on a diesel engine can be breakdowns while using low-quality fuel. For example, nozzles, a particulate filter, valves fail. In general, this motor is quite reliable, equipped with a timing belt drive, which is recommended to be changed after 140 thousand kilometers.

As for the gearbox, mechanics are considered more reliable. However, there are also disadvantages here:

  • bearing wear;
  • if the synchronizer clutch malfunctions at idle, noises occur that disappear when the clutch is pressed;
  • the clutch starts to rumble fast enough that it needs to be replaced.

Automatic transmission in Golf 6 is weaker than mechanical. The main weaknesses include the failure of the clutch and mechatronics, the destruction of the automatic transmission due to a breakdown of the differential, the wear of the axis of the satellites and their gears due to untimely maintenance of the gearbox.

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So, having analyzed the main criteria and technical characteristics of the Volkswagen Golf 6, we can say that the model is quite reliable. It is in demand, but if used incorrectly, breakdowns are possible. Here you should pay attention to the fact that these problems are likely, and not necessarily happen. For this reason, having got this model, you will be able to enjoy excellent quality of trips.

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