The 9 Best Refrigerators to Buy in 2024

The 9 Best Refrigerators to Buy in 2021

Today, global manufacturers of refrigeration equipment offer customers a wide range of products that differ in size and characteristics of freezers, types of cooling systems, installation method (embedded or separate) and a variety of design solutions.

TOP 9 best refrigerators

It is extremely difficult to figure out which refrigerator to buy in 2022, without understanding what requirements should be placed on this kitchen appliance in the first place.

There are dozens of characteristics, but for home use, the main ones can be distinguished:

  • overall dimensions;
  • energy class;
  • the volume of the refrigerating chamber;
  • the volume of the freezer;
  • noise level.

We have compiled a rating of refrigerators, and it contains the best solutions in terms of price / quality ratio.

Indesit es18

Dimensions: 60x62x185.

Energy class: B (467 kWh/year).

The volume of the refrigerating chamber: 233 l.

Freezer volume: 85 l.

Noise level: up to 39 dB.

Indesit es18 is included in the top of the best refrigerators in the category of good and inexpensive refrigerators for the home. This is a reliable technique with a low level of energy consumption (class B) and a high-quality engine.

The device contains an advanced LowFrost system, which involves the use of a special design of the evaporator circuit, and the point is that it is located around the entire perimeter of the freezer. For 15 hours, it can maintain temperatures down to -18 ° C in case of a sudden shutdown. Inside the chamber, the likelihood of ice formation is minimal. The user does not have difficulty with care and maintenance.

Atlant X-1602-100

Dimensions: 59,5x62,90x186,8.

Energy class: A + (146 kWh / year).

The volume of the refrigerating chamber: 370 l.

Noise level: up to 39 dB.

Another inexpensive 2022 refrigerator for the home. A single-chamber unique unit without a freezer, a useful volume of 370 liters, the doors can be rearranged. There is a box for vegetables and fruits. Inside there are 6 shelves, made of high-quality glass and plastic, the distance between them can be changed. There are 5 small shelves on the inside of the door.

Samsung RB-37 J5240EF

Dimensions: 59,5x64,7x200.

Energy class: A + (314 kWh / year).

The volume of the refrigerating chamber: 269 l.

Freezer volume: 98 l.

Noise level: up to 37 dB.

The two-chamber model from Samsung replenishes the rating of refrigerators in 2022. You may like the combination of optimal volume and good performance and unusual creamy color. Declared operation at temperatures from +10 °C to +43 °C (this means climate class: SN-T). Turns on smoothly and inaudibly. There is a FreshZone refrigeration zone, All Around Cooling is used for multi-threaded cooling.

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Liebherr CNfb 4313

Dimensions: 60x186,10x65,5 cm.

Energy class: A ++ (218 kWh / year).

The volume of the refrigerating chamber: 209 l.

Freezer volume: 95 l.

Noise level: up to 41 dB.

Definitely wins in the nomination "the most reliable refrigerators" according to experts in its price category. It has energy efficiency class A ++, the possibility of reversing doors, excellent LED lighting. From this manufacturer, all units of the Comfort series are equipped with high-quality and durable materials.

Samsung RT43K6000EF

Dimensions: 70x73x179.

Energy class: A+ (295 kWh/year).

The volume of the refrigerating chamber: 329 l.

Freezer volume: 111 l.

Noise level: up to 39 dB.

It is worth considering buying another model from the tech giant Samsung. The useful volume is 468 liters. The two-chamber model possesses stylish design and convenient management. The volume of annual consumption in this case is 300 kilowatts per hour. The design includes 4 glass shelves and 5 shelves on the door, as well as a thoughtful freshness zone. Pleased with the support of MultiFlow technology, which implies multi-threaded air circulation.

Weissgauff WRKI 178 Inverter

Dimensions: 54 x 54 x 177,7 cm.

Energy class: A++ (208 kWh/year).

The volume of the refrigerating chamber: 184 l.

Freezer volume: 64 l.

Noise level: up to 39 dB.

In the category of the best built-in refrigerators in terms of price and quality, the model from designers from Germany, Weissgauff, probably wins today. Perhaps this is the refrigerator choice of 2022. It has an affordable price, simple operation. The total volume of this unit is 256 liters. The device has a durable inverter compressor, drip defrost system and thoughtful electronic control. Pleased with high-quality lighting and simple maintenance.

Inside there are 4 shelves that can be adjusted in height. One of them is foldable. It is worth noting that the glass from which they are made is produced using GlassLine technology. There is a convenient BioCool container that provides for humidity control.

Samsung BRB260031

Dimensions: 54x55x177,5.

Energy class: (290 kWh/year)

The volume of the refrigerating chamber: 195 l.

Freezer volume: 72 l.

Noise level: up to 36 dB.

Another competitive built-in model, this time from Samsung. Has 2 doors (refrigerator and freezer), total volume 266 liters. It can be easily integrated into the kitchen set. The low noise level (36 dB) and the LCD display with temperature display make the refrigerator a desirable purchase. A special Metal Cooling plate is installed in the refrigerator compartment, which, when the door is opened for a short time, continues to maintain the temperature at the desired level. It looks beautiful and is easy to clean. The inverter compressor has a 10 year warranty.

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Sharp SJ-F95STSL

Dimensions: 89x78.7x183.

Energy class: A (573 kWh).

The volume of the refrigerating chamber: 394 l.

Freezer volume: 211 l.

Noise level: up to 37 dB.

Of course, Sharp's premium Side-by-Side category can't be canceled as the best-selling refrigerator of the year - it's about its price. But, if you want a really cool thing, you should look at the top-end refrigerator from Sharp: the SJ-F95STSL model. It has a hybrid cooling system, equipped with 4 doors with a unique mechanism in which there is no central partition. Thanks to the optimization of the internal space of the chambers, users have the opportunity to place large dishes with a width of up to 70 cm.

Bosch Serie 6 KAG93AI30R

Dimensions: 91x71x179.

Energy class: A++ (343 kWh/year).

The volume of the refrigerating chamber: 378 l.

Freezer volume: 220 l.

Noise level: up to 42 dB.

An excellent refrigerator whose rating competes with Sharp refrigerators in the premium segment. Has protection from children. German quality, unsurpassed appearance and thoughtful design to the smallest detail. The model of the Side-by-Side category has optimal dimensions. Each of the cameras is based on NoFrost technology. Stainless steel body, which does not leave fingerprints. Multi Airflow ensures even circulation in the refrigerator. The advanced technology compressor operates silently and consumes less electricity than conventional compressors. FreshSense sensors constantly monitor the temperature, and the SuperCooling function protects the "microclimate" inside when the door is opened.

What else is important when buying a refrigerator

It is necessary to take into account the size of the kitchen: for a small one, a single-chamber model is suitable. It is worth paying attention to the material of the shelves: plastic ones are cheaper, but glass ones are easier to wash and handle. If you need a freezer, you need to pay attention to its class: 1 star allows you to store food no more than 1 week, 2 - up to one month. If the stars are 3, then you can freeze products for up to 4 months. If there are 4 stars, this means that the temperature in the freezer is from -18 ° C to -24 ° C - you can make blanks for a year.

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