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Gambling is an activity that falls under compulsory licensing in most countries of the world. Therefore, everyone who wants to open their own business in this area must take care of obtaining permission in advance, which will confirm the legality of the activity and guarantee the absence of problems from law enforcement agencies.

Obtaining a license has certain features, so it is recommended to contact specialists who will help in the preparation of documents at all stages of the process. One of the most popular types is the Curacao license. Its main advantage is that it covers all gambling:

  • poker;

  • casino;

  • rates;
  • lottery, etc.

In addition, this license is also suitable for those involved in the development of gambling. It makes it possible to conduct business in all countries of the world, where it is not prohibited by law. The exception is the USA, France, Australia, the Netherlands, the UK. Today, more than 70% of all casinos work with this license.

Features of obtaining permission

Curacao licenses from easy to get. It is enough to contact the experts of the company. The term for obtaining a permit is 1 month. In order to receive it, the regulator must provide the following package of documents:

  • Corporate documents for the company.

  • Agreements that have been concluded with game providers (providers) or certificates for gaming software.

  • Documents confirming the ownership of the site.
  • Personal documents for directors and shareholders (passport, resume), as well as papers that confirm their place of residence.

  • Certificates that confirm the absence of a criminal record of the director and shareholders of the company.

  • Policies posted on the company's website that players should read.

The team are professionals in their field. Obtaining a gambling license with the experts of this company will take not only a minimum of time. They will prepare in advance all the documents that may be needed in the future and exclude the possibility of additional questions and problems from the regulator. The offer from implies complete confidentiality and remote work. It includes the following services:

  • Registration of a company in the EU.

  • Development of documents for the site.

  • Opening a corporate account.

  • Connecting a merchant account.

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