Glucophone from ColorSound - an original gift for an adult or a child

Great mood, getting rid of mental stress and finding inner harmony - all this can be achieved by playing musical instruments. Besides traditional guitars, pianos, flutes, etc. in the assortment of a specialty store, such as ColorSound, you can buy unusual models, for example, glucophone. In Kiev and in general in Ukraine, little is known about this instrument yet, but the number of fans is growing rapidly. You can order a petal drum not only for yourself, but also as a gift for a child or an adult to surprise and open up opportunities for improvement in the art of music. From such a presentation, any person will be completely delighted. 

Why buy a glucophone as a gift?

If you want to surprise a friend, girlfriend, soulmate, son or daughter, then most people are looking for something original, but at the same time quite practical and at a reasonable cost. Buy a glucophone in Kiev or with delivery to another city - an excellent solution, because:

  1. During the game, it is possible to get rid of stress and improve the state of the nervous system, as well as stabilize pressure and become more attentive. 
  2. There are no identical instruments - each glucophone is unique and there is no second such instrument in the world. You can decide for yourself which design and colors you like the most by looking at the pictures. in the catalog
  3. Thanks to its small size and weight, you can take it with you on vacation, a business trip or a picnic, without spending much effort on organizing transportation. 
  4. The production technology involves burnishing the surface, which guarantees excellent protection against adverse environmental factors. An additional positive aspect of such processing is the preservation of the original sound. 
  5. There is practically no risk of out of tune due to the special design of the drum.
  6. Any adult or child can learn to play from scratch, and quickly enough. 
  7. The price, subject to contacting the online store, will be moderate, and such an instrument will last even with active use for a very long time and without deterioration in acoustic properties. 
  8. The petal drum does not need disassembly or any special storage conditions.
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