What to take on a trip: making the right list of necessary things

What to take on a trip: making the right list of necessary things

Fascinating trips, vacations in interesting places, business trips - all these events require careful preparation. Fees are very important. Beginning tourists often do not know what to take with them on a trip and how to properly, neatly and compactly fold things. This article will help you do everything, do not forget anything.

General rules for preparing for a trip

It is necessary to prepare for the upcoming trip in advance, at least two days before the date of departure. First of all, we need to issue bank cards, buy foreign currency, make copies of documents, purchase medicines and wash clothes that we may need on the way.

You can make a list of things for a trip based on ready-made interactive tables created for different occasions and seasons. It is desirable that such a plate, optimized for individual needs, be at hand during the collection of suitcases. It can be written in a notepad or printed on a printer. So it will be convenient to mark what has already been found, bought and prepared for packaging.

Travel essentials list

Travel essentials list

Conventionally, everything that you take with you on a trip can be divided into categories. This will allow you to systematize fees, save time, labor intensity of tasks.

Cards, money, documents

These items are essential items. Today it is not necessary to have a large amount of cash with you. It is necessary to withdraw and exchange as much as is required for travel, snacks, etc. It is better to leave the main cash reserves on the card. Regarding documents, here you may need:

  • international passports;
  • medical and travel insurance;
  • airline tickets and boarding passes;
  • driver's license (for those who plan to travel by car);
  • confirmation of hotel reservations;
  • visa and permit papers.

Important! All documents are desirable to have in two formats - paper and electronic. It is safer to store digital copies on a virtual disk. Both money and papers cannot be put in a suitcase. They must be in hand luggage.

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People with chronic diseases, pregnant women, families traveling with children should be especially responsible for this item. Medicines abroad are much more expensive, they are not always on sale with the same names. You need to buy familiar and proven drugs. Discover, what to take on the road you can see your family doctor. As a rule, a first-aid kit includes:

  • prescriptions and medicines prescribed for permanent use;
  • painkillers (for headache, toothache, spasms);
  • activated charcoal and tablets for indigestion;
  • antiallergic drugs;
  • bactericidal plaster, bandage, cotton wool, antiseptic;
  • ointment or foam from burns;
  • insect bite remedies.

Personal hygiene items

Even if you plan to stay at the hotel on an all-inclusive basis, you need to take basic hygiene items with you, including those that you may need while on the road. Today on sale almost all shampoos, pastes, shower gels are found in small bottles, jars and tubes. It is the perfect choice for travel and saves space in your luggage. This list should include:

  • oral care products;
  • shaving accessories;
  • comb, small mirror, hair ties;
  • hygiene products (soap, shampoo 2in1, gel);
  • wet and dry wipes;
  • deodorant and toilet water;
  • decorative cosmetics;
  • creams, including sunscreen.

It is important to understand that it is better to take a minimum of things with you on a trip for 1 day. More than half of this list can be safely crossed out.

Gadgets and accessories

A modern person cannot imagine his life without many useful and practical devices. Many of them have to be taken with you on trips for work, communication and entertainment. All gadgets need to be charged the day before, checked for performance, cleaned, etc. If you have to use them constantly or frequently, you should take care of additional batteries. It is also important to take cords, wires, power supplies. The main names in this list are:

  • mobile phone (you should immediately worry about a foreign SIM card or connecting roaming promotions);
  • photo and video cameras, memory cards for them;
  • laptop, tablet, navigator (as needed).
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Clothing and footwear

Be sure the list of things on the road should contain a change of clothes and at least room slippers. Travel wardrobe should be made up of basic interchangeable items. All clothing should be comfortable and practical. Wrinkled and delicate fabrics should be avoided. Evening attire is required only if the travel program includes trips to events, restaurants, theatre, etc. The main set should contain:

  • several interchangeable sets of underwear;
  • T-shirts, T-shirts, trousers, shorts (or warm clothes for the cold season);
  • tracksuit with a windbreaker;
  • hats, beach accessories.

The list of shoes on the road should be small. It takes up a lot of space and adds weight to luggage. For the summer season, it is worth taking sandals, flip-flops and sports sneakers or sneakers. For a winter trip, the pair that is on the legs and another spare will be enough.

What else might be needed

Outside of the main list, there are a few more items that are useful on any journey. A long trip or flight is always stressful. Therefore, you need to have a supply of drinking water with you, tablets from motion sickness, mint candies, empty bags. Children must bring toys and snacks. For those who are used to spending time usefully, do not like to mess around, books will be relevant on the road. The electronic format will relieve the burden.

When packing for a trip, it is worth adding a folding multi-functional knife, a wristwatch, a guidebook to the list. If you have a meeting with friends or new acquaintances, you can provide a few souvenirs from your homeland.

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