Should I change iPhone 11 to iPhone 12?

Should I change iPhone 11 to iPhone 12?

Recently, almost every year Apple has been delighting its fans with the release of a new line of iPhones, with various improvements and improvements that users have requested. Now Face ID works perfectly, and wireless charging is on most gadgets. But with the release of each Apple iPhone we ask ourselves just one question: is it worth replacing the old one with the new one? In particular, we will talk about replacing the iPhone 11 with the iPhone 12, because the twelfth line was released quite recently. In this article we will try to find the answer to the question posed.

Design and display

Immediately make a reservation that there are no global innovations in the design. Apple is conservative in this regard, or rather, they consider the appearance of iPhones to be their signature feature. The default models of the eleventh and twelfth lines are the same size, but the iPhone 12 weighs almost 30 grams less. The main difference is the display, here the difference is noticeable to the naked eye. The twelfth iPhone received a Super Retina XDR OLED display. Its resolution is much higher than that of the models from the previous line, the quality of color reproduction, contrast and image depth have increased accordingly. If you visually compare the two iPhones, you will notice the difference. The iPhone 12 is also positioned as more durable and resistant to mechanical damage, as it received a ceramic screen and Ceramic Shield glass protection technology. The rest of the indicators +/- are identical, ranging from the possibility of wireless charging, ending with the degree of moisture protection.

What about performance?

The iPhone 12 certainly takes the lead here, as it runs on the A14 Bionic chip. The previous line works on A13 Bionic, that is, the processor has been improved. Judging by the various tests and comparisons that social network users constantly conduct, despite the same amount of RAM, the twelfth iPhone still works faster.

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Apple keeps the capacity of their batteries a closely guarded secret, so we can only guess. Again, thanks to testing, we managed to find out that the battery capacity of the new iPhone is slightly larger. In video mode, the iPhone 12 lasts about 17 hours, while its predecessor does not cross the threshold of 14 hours.

In our opinion, if financial opportunities allow, it is definitely worth changing the old iPhone for a new one, since there are still a number of significant improvements.

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