How to choose the right watch for a man

How to choose the right watch for a man

Watches are quite popular accessories for both men and women. They are a good addition to any wardrobe. However, this accessory should be chosen correctly. It is important to consider many nuances. In this article we will tell you how to choose a watch for a man. Before approaching this issue, you need to determine for yourself why you are going to purchase this accessory, what clothes you would like to wear it with, how much you expect to spend on this purchase.

Currently, in stores you can find mechanical, digital and quartz watches. Mechanical, in turn, can be divided according to the principle of the plant. They are manual and automatic. First, it is worth determining what the parts of a watch are called. Regardless of the type, all wristwatches consist of the following parts:

  • strap;
  • the body;
  • bezel;
  • the dial on which the arrows are placed;
  • glass;
  • crown and control buttons;
  • the mechanism responsible for the functioning of the chronometer.

As for the power supply of watches, the mechanical ones work thanks to the spiral spring, and the quartz ones work from batteries. The principle of nutrition is the defining characteristic. It affects the cost of this accessory, since quartz watches are created in production using automation, while mechanical watches are assembled by craftsmen manually. This affects the formation of prices. Before choosing a watch, you need to pay attention to the material from which it is made.

Most often, such mechanisms are made of metal alloys. It can be aluminum, titanium, brass. The more expensive the metal, the more the product itself will cost. The most expensive watch models will be those made of titanium, and the cheapest ones will be aluminum models. Particular attention should be paid to the glass of the watch, as it also affects how much the accessory will cost. Glass can be of several types: mineral, crystal, and sapphire.

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What is better to choose as a watch fastener - a strap or a bracelet

When choosing a watch, many men hesitate as to what will look better - a strap or a bracelet. In this situation, you should pay attention to what clothes you are going to wear the watch under, as the straps look good with business and casual style. The bracelet can be suitable for both casual and sporty style. If we talk about the level of wear, then the bracelets are more practical. They can last a long time. A very important point is how the watch will look on the hand. So that they do not bring inconvenience, the case should not exceed the width of your wrist in size. Modern fashion designers agree that the watch strap should be combined with shoes. Therefore, when choosing, you should think about how to choose the right watch. If you do not know all the intricacies of fashion, then you should use a few simple rules:

  • Wear a watch to match the color of those shoes that match the color scheme.
  • If you can’t combine watches and shoes in any way, then it is better to choose an accessory in a free universal style.
  • The most difficult thing is to combine watches of golden shades, but it is gold that emphasizes the status of the owner.
  • You should not choose a too bright background of accessories, it is better to give preference to classic tones - black and white.
  • If you are not a supporter of the official and business style, then you can experiment with colors to your taste.

A lot of advice has been provided above on how to choose a wrist watch for men. However, it is worth considering the features of a particular brand, the accessory of which you want to purchase.

Nowadays, many men prefer casual style both for just walking and for work. For this format of clothing, the combination of colors of shoes and watch straps is completely inappropriate, if only because many who choose this style of clothing prefer smart watches. They not only show the time, but are also a miniature computer. Also, smart watches are well suited for those who love sports style of clothing. If you are not sure about the accuracy of choosing a watch of a particular model, you want to know how to choose a good watch, then it is better for you to seek help from sales assistants of one or another online store. Experts will be able to tell you in detail about a particular brand, advise on modern design, and help you make the right choice. Remember that the watch emphasizes the status of a man in society, so this accessory must be chosen flawlessly. Those who want to buy a watch as a gift for their beloved man should be very careful when choosing an accessory, taking into account the material from which it is made, as well as the design. Then the gift will definitely benefit and give a good mood. Be sure to take our recommendations into account.

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