Best Smart TVs

TVs with technology Smart TV today are at the peak of popularity. An intelligent operating system turns the screen into a real multimedia center with which you can surf the Internet, record your favorite movies and TV shows, create playlists on your own and enjoy unlimited access to content on paid and free video services. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best models from top manufacturers in different price categories, from the budget to the premium segment.

Xiaomi Mi TV UHD 4S

Stylish, spectacular TV broadcasts an image in impeccable 4K quality. The picture is amazing with incredible realism: it seems that what is happening on the screen is right in front of you. Dolby + DTS dual decoding creates rich, almost tactile sound for an immersive experience. Controlling the TV is very easy thanks to the intuitive remote control with voice commands. The model is based on the Android operating system, so you get unlimited access to the best applications from the company's store.

Samsung UE70TU7100UXUA

A TV with a top LED-matrix creates a stunning immersive effect. Crystal Display technology makes the smallest shades expressive and memorable. A proprietary chip is hidden inside that adjusts colors, optimizes a high contrast ratio and supports HDR. The convenient One Remote makes it easy to use, allowing you to quickly find content by switching between your TV set-top box, game console, apps and TV channels. Another plus is the Game Enhancer technology for high-speed games without signal delay.


The NanoCell series TV of the well-known Korean manufacturer is distinguished by its widescreen and impressive features. It broadcasts revolutionary 8K content, which is still not so much on the market, but which is the future. The scaling function transforms the image of the worst quality to the maximum value, removes noise and blurry areas. The sound process in the gadget has been improved from 2.0-channel to 4.0-virtual, thanks to which the surround sound effect has been achieved. The built-in intelligent OS provides access to a variety of content on Apple TV, Netflix, LG Channels platforms.

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Philips 58PUS7505 / 12

Affordable, high-performance HDR TV delivers superb picture quality and Dolby Atmos premium sound. Whatever content you're viewing, shadows will be deeper, bright surfaces will shine, and colors will be more natural. The contrast is so clear that you will feel every detail, and the smoothness of movements will be appreciated by avid gamers. Support for premium audio and Dolby video formats means the HDR content you watch will look and sound very real.

Kiwi 43U710KB

The budget solution of the popular brand has an excellent price-quality ratio. Proprietary graphics processor allows you to achieve a realistic image with the preservation of the smallest details, even in dark scenes. The Ultra Clear image enhancement graphics engine can transform any content. Local Contrast Control technology improves the image in the most difficult areas, but at the same time maintains its vitality and optimal saturation. The SRC audio processor enhances sound quality by processing the audio signal in 16 ways.

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