Overview of 4G Wi-Fi router Huawei E5785

Huawei E5785

Portable routers occupy a special place in the ranking of popular Internet devices. Therefore, today we have a review Huawei E5785. Compact models that provide good functionality and are easy to move from place to place, as well as to use on the road, are a frequent choice for those who appreciate the flexibility of use.

Portable routers are devices that combine a modem and a router at the same time, or rather, the best of their properties.


It is worth starting our review of Huawei E5785 with a complete set. It includes:

  • warranty card sheet;
  • the “pocket” router itself;
  • USB-microUSB cable;
  • mains charger.

All this is securely packaged in a small cardboard box with internal compartments. That is, during transportation, nothing dangles inside.


This model is distinguished by small dimensions of 17,3 x 62 x 108 mm. The case is sturdy, made of matte black plastic. Rounded corners, sleek design. The front panel is equipped with a convenient small display with which you can:

  • go to the settings menu and quickly make the necessary changes;
  • monitor current operating parameters such as battery level, received signal strength, incoming SMS, etc.

There is a power button next to the display. The rear panel is removable, under it there is a rechargeable battery that covers the slots for SIM cards and memory cards (up to 32 GB). MicroUSB connector for power supply and antenna connector.

Technical specifications

The device is designed to work with 4G LTE networks in order to access the Internet, providing users with data transfer speeds up to a pleasant 150 Mbps on upload, and up to 50 Mbps on download. Also able to connect to 3G networks.

The router is compatible with all operators in Ukraine (Kyivstar, LifeCell, Vodafone) and supports work abroad. More complete control is carried out using a WEB-interface with a simple structure, which can be accessed from any browser.

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The built-in 3000 mAh rechargeable battery gives the device the ability to work autonomously for 10 hours.

Among other characteristics of Huawei E5785 it is worth noting:

  • support for MIMO technology, which allows you to achieve a very good increase in speed when you connect the appropriate antenna;
  • dual-band Wi-Fi network (2,4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies), designed to connect up to 16 devices within a radius of up to 15 meters.

Advantages and disadvantages

Of the advantages of this model, it is worth highlighting:

  • battery life is enough for the whole day;
  • easy to connect to any USB port for recharging, as well as to car charger;
  • dual-band WiFi module;
  • the ability to store information on the installed memory card.

Among the disadvantages:

  • simplified menu on the display;
  • small screen resolution;
  • one button performs several functions.

Application area

Such a mobile router is suitable for a variety of situations. It can be installed:

  1. at home or in the country. The device will be especially appreciated by those who periodically change their place of residence. The radius of action is small, but with proper placement of the coverage it will be enough in a 2- and 3-room apartment;
  2. in a vehicle;
  3. in nature, for example, on a tourist trip while parking;
  4. when traveling, including other countries, etc.

The number of connections will be enough for a large company or family, a sports team, a medium-sized office. Its price is 3795 UAH.


If we consider analogues of Huawei E5785, then they will be quite close in terms of scope and main parameters:

  1. Novatel 7730L (15 hours battery life, 4295 WiFi connections). Price XNUMX UAH;
  2. ZTE MF 920 (6 hours battery life, 32 WiFi connections). Price 2495 UAH.

There will be differences in technical parameters, which affect pricing. For example, Novatel 7730L has a larger touchscreen display, while ZTE has a weaker battery, etc.

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Nevertheless, it was Huawei E5785 that I liked in my work, as it has established itself as a reliable and easy-to-use device with stable operation and good resistance to stress.

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