TOP of the best fitness bracelets in 2023

Few people know, but the prototype of the modern device appeared back in 1525. The device was invented by the great mathematical genius Jean Fernel. The scientist wanted to measure the number of steps taken, but not in the mind, but with the help of special equipment. The best fitness bracelet a sufficient amount of time "went" to a similar title. Today, almost any respected brand, whose activities are aimed at the manufacture of high-tech electronic equipment, releases such products on the market.

General concepts

Before thinking about what fitness bracelet to buy, you should decide on the capabilities of the model, as well as when it needs to be worn.

Despite the fact that most people know about such a "toy", few people really delve into the details.

These are gadgets that react to the slightest changes in the human body. The rating of fitness bracelets is necessary primarily for people of the following categories:

  • professional athletes, as well as lovers of active sports;
  • aged people;
  • having certain diseases and predispositions.

Devices react to changes and display indicators on a small screen. Thus, a person monitors the state of the body and has the opportunity to take action in a timely manner.

How does the technique work? The bracelet is equipped with a motion sensor, a micromotor and a control chip.

TOP of the best fitness bracelets in 2020

Functional possibilities

The "fullness" of the device can be completely different, ranging from measuring steps and ending with a cardiogram. The rating of fitness bracelets makes it possible to determine the necessary functionality, thus saving a person from an unnecessary purchase.

The tasks that the bracelet is capable of performing:

  • Number of steps. After a long walk, a person has the opportunity to view the data at the end of the day. Depending on the figure, you can find out the activity, the number of steps and the distance traveled.
  • Not only the best fitness bracelet, but also quite budget able to measure the pulse. As soon as the frequency exceeds the allowable rate, the equipment starts to emit a signal.
  • The sleep tracker “carefully” monitors the quality as well as its depth. Waking up in the morning, a person has the opportunity to observe how much he slept in the stage of deep sleep, and how much he was in a superficial state.
  • Personal coach. The best fitness bracelets are equipped with an impressive number of programs not only for sports, but also for effective weight loss. It is enough for a person to follow all the recommendations and not deviate from the chosen course.
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Each model released by your favorite brand has differences, as well as pros and cons. If external design is important, then when buying, you should pay special attention to this moment. Choosing a fitness braceletis buying jewelry. Some companies produce stylish devices that can decorate and give status to the owner.

Top models

For those who cannot imagine life without such an "attentive" controller, a rating of fitness bracelets was compiled. Models to look at:

  • Qumann QSB 11 can rightly claim the top five. The model is focused on pressure measurement. Also, do not forget about the standard functionality. The owner can control the camera and search for the device, in case of loss. The model looks stylish and almost weightless. Durable plastic is able to withstand severe mechanical stress.
TOP of the best fitness bracelets in 2020
  • Lemfo P11 specially designed for high-quality pulse measurement. The device is capable of performing an ECG. We should not forget about durable plastic and a high class of protection.
TOP of the best fitness bracelets in 2020
  • Which fitness bracelet to buy? For most, the answer will be unequivocal - GSMIN Elband A9. The value for money is amazing. The brand has been working on the market for a long time, so it has already managed to prove itself only from the best side. The bracelet is able to maintain the state of the body and report the slightest violations. The model belongs to the middle segment, but the functionality is wide. Of the pluses, the assembly and advanced features are distinguished.
TOP of the best fitness bracelets in 2020
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 4 belong to a brand that has become famous all over the world. Budgetary policy, carefully thought-out design and ergonomics did the job. Now, even for a budget price, you can buy the best fitness tracker 2022. Equipped with color display. The bright screen makes it possible to see even the details. In addition to the tracker, the owner will receive heart rate and sleep monitoring. It should be noted that the device is not afraid of diving to a depth of 50 meters. Use is possible by professional swimmers.
TOP of the best fitness bracelets in 2020
  • HUAWEI Band 4 - Another device that claims leadership positions in the ranking. Probably there is no person in the metropolis who would not know about this brand and its products. The manufacturer has successfully equipped the fashionable gadget with a three-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, thanks to which the device is highly accurate. Also in the bracelet you can dive to a depth of 50 meters. The software makes it possible to track performance in various sports. There is another indisputable plus - the device works without recharging for up to 20 days.
TOP of the best fitness bracelets in 2020
  • Meizu H1 Band occupies first place in the ranking with ease. "Which fitness bracelets are better"? The Chinese brand, which has been operating since 2003, has done its best to create a unique product. The monolithic body is able to withstand impressive mechanical shocks, and the innovative OLED display gives a high screen brightness, but at the same time consumes a minimum amount of energy. With the help of a bracelet, you can monitor activity not only during the day, but also at night.
TOP of the best fitness bracelets in 2020

Overview of fitness braceletsit is an opportunity to make the right choice. The first criterion that you should pay attention to is the functionality, the second is the strength of the assembly. Also, the value for money ratio is not unimportant.

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