CS:GO betting

The Counter-Strike series of games has always been popular among eSports fans. Since the early 2000s, various tournaments have been held in this discipline. Over time, the prize pools increased, and the popularity of CS grew rapidly. But the series of games gained the greatest popularity in eSports with the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2012.

Popularity of the discipline

Now this discipline is included in the main tournaments of the eSports world:

  • CPL;
  • WCG;
  • dreamhack;
  • And others.

These days, a $100 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament is considered small. And in such tournaments often only teams of the second echelon participate. And at the largest events, prize funds often reach a million dollars. And such tournaments are closely watched all over the world.

The release of CS:GO coincided with the rapid development of the online betting market. Bookmakers have noticed the popularity of the esports trend and have started adding bets on CS matches.

Esports Betting Tips

In order to consistently receive income from bets, it is necessary to analyze all matches very carefully. You need to view statistics, study the composition of teams and selected maps. Of course, you can get lucky even if you don't understand betting at all. But without proper analysis at a distance, you will still lose money.

But the analysis of games in CS:GO is much simpler than, for example, in football. The statistics of all matches is available in the public domain. And every even insignificant match is broadcast on Twitch. You can view detailed statistics about each match and player from the very beginning of their career. Therefore, there will definitely not be a problem associated with a lack of any data. You can use specialized sites to view information on matches. For example at csgobettingz.com provides detailed information on upcoming matches, tournaments, ratings of teams and players.

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Varieties of rates

Many CS:GO matches are always available on the websites of bookmakers. Sites provide the opportunity to bet both in prematch and live. And the most popular are the following types of bets:

  • Pistol round winner;
  • Winner of the whole match;
  • Handicap of one team;
  • Accurate account.

Live betting requires extreme concentration and quick decision making. Therefore, it is recommended for beginners to place bets in the prematch.

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