How to turn on flash (flashlight) for calls and notifications on iPhone

How to turn on flash (flashlight) for calls and notifications on iPhone

Today's iPhone is a storehouse of various features that many users do not even know about. For example, not everyone knows that you can turn on a familiar flashlight to alert you to an incoming call. The same LED is used for the flashlight and camera flash on the gadget, which will start blinking after receiving an alert. It will grab your attention in quiet environments when your iPhone is muted, or in noisy environments where you can't hear the beeps.

Initially, the notification flash feature was designed for people with hearing problems. The LED-lamp located on the rear wall of the housing attracts attention with pulsating light signals when an incoming call or SMS arrives.

How to enable flash on notifications

This feature first appeared on iOS 5. It still remains popular among users. In models with iOS 10, it can also be configured in silent mode. It is not supported on all iPhone models. Flashlight for iPhone call can be connected to:

  • Phone 4 and 4s;
  • iPhone 5 and 5s;
  • iPhone 6 and 6s;
  • iPhone 7;
  • iPhone 8;
  • iPhone X and Xs (or iPhone 10 and 10s);
  • iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.

Let's figure out how to turn on the flash on notifications. In order to make the flashlight on your iPhone a notification signal, you need to activate the "Flash Alerts" option, located in the "Accessibility" settings section. There are selected options for people who, for physiological reasons, are not able to fully use the device with its default settings.

The notification flash or flashlight feature on iPhone can come in handy in many situations. If you often use the device in silent mode, the flash will signal new messages and calls. The enabled flash option mode for calls and notifications will be appropriate at night, when vibration that makes a sharp sound can interfere with others.

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So, how to put a flashlight on a call in iPhone:

  • enter the "Settings";
  • find the item "Basic";
  • follow the section "Universal access";
  • Activate the "Flash Alert" option.

When the warning flash is activated, the option "In silent mode" will become available. It works when the sound on your gadget is turned off and the phone is in silent mode. Depending on the iPhone model, the steps for connecting this option may be different.

How to turn on flash on iPhone 11, for example:

  • open "Settings";
  • go to "Universal Access";
  • find the section "Hearing";
  • we need the item "Audiovisual material";
  • activate the item "Flash warnings";
  • option "In silent mode" (optional).

It is important to know that in order for you to see the light signal, the phone must be face down. In addition, flash on notification only works when the device is locked. If the home screen is active, any application is turned on, then the flash will not work during a call or message. This actually saves battery life.

Why iPhone doesn't support flash on call

Not all iPhone models support this option. Then you should look for apps that give you the ability to use the flash as a notification indicator. Apps have been created for iOS, just like for smartphones. However, since Apple introduced this feature, there has been an active fight against third-party programs in the App Store. Try to look for programs where the name contains the words "flash" or "flashlight". Apple has stopped supporting even iOS 11. The topic of creating and supporting applications of this kind for developers is no longer relevant ..

The flash notifies you of:

  • incoming calls;
  • incoming SMS and MMS messages;
  • alarm call;
  • about notifications of social networks of other applications.

The flash function is a useful thing, but many begin to annoy after a short time of use. And for others, the bright blinking of LEDs is not always pleasant. It is not possible to reduce the brightness of the flashlight (flash), but you can always turn it off. It remains to be hoped that in the next iPhone models, Apple will take care of its loyal users, and this feature will be refined to perfection. Be sure to take into account the information provided by us, so that you have to do everything right.

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