Creation of a turnkey online store: what does the service include

Most users shop online. Moreover, almost everything began to be bought in virtual stores - from clothes to large household appliances. That is why the number of outlets on the Internet is growing rapidly. Offline business owners are also gradually moving into the virtual plane. So they get the opportunity to reach the interested audience as much as possible and get customers without territorial reference.

Given the popularity of online shopping, the service is becoming more and more in demand - online store development. Most customers order it on a turnkey basis in order to get a working tool to expand their business without any hassle.

What is this service? We list its main stages.

An important stage is planning

To get a high-quality and working online store, its development must be trusted to professionals. How to understand that cooperation has begun with specialists? This is indicated by their actions:

  • getting to know the client and the specifics of his business;
  • definition of business goals;
  • clarification of all the details and the smallest details of further cooperation;
  • development of technical specifications.

Also, before starting work, it is agreed with the client which CMS will be used. It can be WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Shopify, Opencart and others. After clarifying this issue, as well as other important details, an agreement is signed between the customer and the contractor. After that, the experts get to work.

Task Sequence

After the conclusion of the contract, work begins on the online store, which includes the following:

  • Development of prototypes and design based on them.
  • Layout and programming with the connection of all necessary functions.
  • Domain registration and hosting.
  • Catalog filling.
  • Publication of content.
  • Optimization and testing.

Specifics of technical work

Performing technical work is the most difficult stage when creating an online store. They are engaged in typesetters and programmers. The tasks of the layout designer include analyzing the graphic design of the site, selecting the appropriate template. Also under his responsibility is cross-browser compatibility (this concept implies the correct display of the virtual store in browsers that are most popular among users).

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Technical work provides for reliable protection of a new web resource, CMS connection.

The services of a programmer are required when there is a need to develop a unique feature that goes beyond the standard offerings. Examples of such options are:

  • the presence of a comparative characteristic;
  • currency converter;
  • connection of payments using bank cards in the online store.

After completing all the necessary technical work, the project is almost ready. But before its launch, testing for errors is mandatory. This task is entrusted to a specialist who creates critical conditions for an online store, allowing you to determine what failures may occur during its operation. If found, they must be removed.

When the work on the project is fully completed, it is handed over to the customer. At this stage, he receives passwords that allow him to access the administration system. If the client has any difficulties when working with the admin panel, they explain all the incomprehensible moments to him, teach him how to properly manage the online store and perform all the necessary tasks.

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