What to consider when choosing a door closer in Bezpeka-Shop.com

What to consider when choosing a door closer

To ensure that the doors close smoothly and silently, do not swing open from the wind and serve as long as possible, door closers are installed on them. These devices are used for both entrance and interior options, they are also simply indispensable for the gates of a private house / cottage.

Advantages of door closers

First of all, this is an automatic closing of the door. You don't have to worry about whether it closes or not - even if your hands are full and there is no way to slam the doors behind you. The same function provides comfort to the driver - he does not need to get out of the car once again to close the gate. In addition, the door closer:

  • It works silently and does not allow the door to slam shut with a roar. This is very important if there are small children or elderly relatives in the house who need peace.
  • Reduces the operating load, prevents impacts, reduces the wear of fittings, locks. All this contributes to an increase in the service life of the door structure.
  • Allows you to adjust the speed of closing the doors. So, slow and smooth closing ensures safety for small children and animals, soft, but faster, protects against pests (rodents / insects) entering the building.

Also, the door closer installed on the entrance doors reduces heat loss and prevents drafts.

How to choose a door closer

You can buy at an affordable price door closer in Bezpeka-Shop.com - here it is easy to choose and compare devices from different manufacturers, choose accessories for them. However, you need to know in advance what type of door closer you need:

  • Focus on the weight of the door, its width. The larger they are, the more powerful the mechanism is needed. So, for a door leaf up to 20 kg, the most low-power device (EN1 class) is sufficient, and solid entrance doors weighing within 160 kg require a high-power door closer (EN7).
  • Consider how difficult the installation will be. If you do not have the opportunity to invite a specialist, then choose the simplest option that you can install yourself, following the detailed instructions.
  • Consider whether you need to regulate the operation of the device. For interior doors (if there are no children / animals in the house), this function is not important, but for entrance gates it is necessary.
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In addition, a lot depends on the manufacturer. A well-known brand cares about its reputation and even budget products are usually of high quality.

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