How to diagnose a broken generator

Generator failure is a serious problem for the owner of the vehicle. Moreover, for any car, since the performance of other parts of the car also depends on the correct operation of the generator. If you do not pay attention to the incorrect operation of the node in time, then very soon you will have to change the element. This will require significant financial outlays. Starting from repair and ending with a complete replacement of the node. In addition, the failure of the generator can lead to malfunctions and other elements of the car. Breakdowns will begin to appear “along the chain”, since the machine is an interconnected structure and system. For this reason, it is definitely not worth delaying the malfunction of the node. Otherwise, you will have to spend even more money than the driver would come to the workshop at the first sign of a malfunction.

In order to prevent a neglected situation with a car, when breakdowns will pour in one after another, visit car workshops on time. There the driver can repair of generators Kiev Troyeshchina in the early stages of failure. Carry out diagnostics of the machine to prevent possible problems at an early stage.

Consider how a generator that has failed is diagnosed. Let's see what the wizards do to determine the problem. Recall that in the workshop, not only diagnostics of the main components of the vehicle, but also other elements of the machine are available. Including checking the air conditioning system. How much does it cost to fill the air conditioner in a car You can also find out in the workshop or online. The workshop also makes diagnostics of the wheel system, transmission and other parts, auto systems.

Diagnostic steps

If you want to keep the machine working for as long as possible, then you should make diagnostics at service stations in time. Car diagnostics has become a mandatory process for motorists who want to drive a car for a long time and not encounter surprises during operation. Diagnostics allows you to identify both mechanical and electrical problems in the machine. Masters at the service station will use specialized equipment that is designed for high-quality diagnostics.

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Technicians will test based on the following fault assumptions:

  • Do the lamps work - maybe everything is fine with the car generator and the lamp on the panel just does not work. For example, corny burnt out;
  • There was a short circuit of the generator windings to ground;
  • There was a break in the wiring;
  • Defective fuses;
  • The charge lamp relay has failed;
  • The belt tension has changed - often happens at high belt speeds. In such cases, the driver hears a whistle that comes from the belt;
  • Current collection points are destroyed or worn out;
  • Contacts are oxidized;
  • The wiring is broken;
  • The voltage regulator is damaged or there is a failure in the node;
  • Bearings worn out;
  • The conclusions under the positive of the battery are oxidized;
  • The node is dirty. For example, from dirt, sand ingress;
  • External conditions affected the operation of the node - high or low temperature, high humidity levels led to damage to the node;
  • The battery is defective;
  • The wiring was damaged.

These and other reasons become the basis for the generator to stop functioning correctly or completely fail. In such a situation, the driver will see a burning lamp on the panel, or hear uncharacteristic sounds from under the hood.

Do not bring the car to such a state. Visit car service stations in time to fix the problem with the node in the early stages.

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