Esports betting with in 2021

eSports has not ceased to exist during the pandemic, but the number of events has noticeably decreased. According to the rules of professional tournaments, major competitions are held only face-to-face, and the transfer of players was seriously limited. In 2021, the organizers promise to pamper fans of eSports and betting with a whole range of events - to hold meetings, albeit without spectators, but in full format. 

What to bet on for cyberbetters 

In the spring, qualifying events were held in most countries. The first elimination of teams that can claim high places in the international standings has already passed. Users betting on esports with a portal saw these events in the list of events on the main page of the site. Some of the visitors of the portal became noticeably richer - the odds for individual outcomes reached 100. For the bet of 10 dollars for a particular team to reach the final of the championship, you could get more than a thousand. 

Now all records of these meetings have moved to the section with saved records. They will help evaluate the strategy, tactics and signature moves that this team is likely to use in higher-level meetings. In the same collection, you can find not only recordings of games through the eyes of the participants themselves, but also expert reviews in any language. For those who are used to trusting only official statistics, the tab with the results of all meetings in numbers will help. 

Until August, when the Dota 2 World Championship will be held, there is one more round left. The 14 teams that made it to the finals are waiting to see who will add to this list to 18. Between the fives that take places below the passing one, there will be paired matches, the final score of which will show the final alignment. In these events it will be possible to make bets: 

  • on the outcome of the game and a specific score;
  • on the ratio of the cards;
  • on the use of game combinations;
  • for the departure of participants during the battle. 
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You can also immediately assume the final list. For such bold predictions, bookmakers give the highest odds. During the broadcast, which can also be watched directly on the Dota-Bet website, live bets and back bets are made. 

Events in the world of Dota in 2021 

As already announced by the organizers, International 2021 will be held from 5 to 15 August in Stockholm. Representatives of all teams and their coaches will arrive in Sweden. The issue with the presence of fans and spectators is still open, most likely, the event will be held with empty stands. 

It won't take away the adrenaline from the event itself. As it became known, the prize fund of the last missed year will be added to the current one. In total, over 10 million dollars will be drawn over 47 days. Interest is also fueled by the difficult coronavirus situation, which can make adjustments to both the lineups and the level of their training. Against this background, the importance of insider information, unofficial information that helps to make the right bet, is increasing. The technical support of the site for cyberbetters promises to quickly add new information to the site.

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