Which iPhone to buy in 2023?

Which iPhone to buy in 2021?

The first iPhone, released in 2007, revolutionized the concept of smartphones. For 14 years, the iPhone has been the most popular smartphone on the market and is not going to lose ground. The latest models are very different from the original product of the company - these are powerful computers with high-quality hardware, a powerful processor and a Retina display that reduces eye strain. The iOS operating system has the most simple and user-friendly interface. The software allows you to mount professional videos, create music, work in editors and much more. 

Current iPhone models

More recently, a new generation of iPhone has been released, with top-end cameras and new technologies, the most powerful A14 Bionic processor and the iOS14 operating system. They are practically indestructible, thanks to the special protective glass Ceramic Shield, which is 4 times stronger than usual. In the twelfth iPhones, IP68 water protection - the phone can be submerged in water up to six meters and stay there for up to half an hour without damage. Let's take a closer look at this line so that you know which iPhone to choose for you.

iPhone 12 Pro MAX and 12 Pro

Pro Max is the top smartphone of this line with the largest diagonal of 6.7″, which will not be comfortable for everyone. It lasts longer than others on a single charge, which lasts for two days with active use. The 2778×1284 OLED screen is brighter than other smartphones in the lineup and delivers deeper colors, making it ideal for viewing and gaming. 

The focal length has grown compared to the rest, and the main camera has a 47% larger matrix. This improves photo and video quality by 87% in low light.  

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The iPhone 12 Pro is actually a smaller 6.1″ version of the Pro MAX. Battery life and resolution are also less than 2532 by 1170 pixels. The rest of the display features and design are the same. Both devices have 6 GB of RAM and a 12-megapixel triple camera.

The Pro Max versions have the advantage of a steel case. Therefore, it is stronger, although iphone 12 pro price much higher, but with its technical performance and advanced capabilities, it justifies it.

iPhone 12 and 12 mini

The main difference is the display size. The mini has a 5.4″ diagonal with a resolution of 2340 × 1080 megapixels, while the regular one has a 6.1″ diagonal with 2532x1170 pixels. The design is also identical. Both devices have a dual-module 12-megapixel camera. Battery life 17 and 15 hours. In general, 12 mini is just a smaller version of the iPhone 12 with similar technical characteristics. Both smartphones are excellent cutting-edge flagships that will suit everyone. While the Pro versions are suitable for professional purposes.


In 2021, a new generation of iPhone was released, which has many advantages - a new processor, improved protection against moisture and dust, durable glass. The twelfth iPhones got the Super Retina XDR display - the most accurate in the field of color reproduction. The camera received new features - night mode, Deep Fusion and HDR video shooting. Wireless charging, improved battery life and more are available.

Prices for the twelfth iPhones vary depending on the built-in memory.

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