Website search engine promotion services

Website search engine promotion services

Search engine optimization (from English SEO - Search Engine Optimization) is one of the main tools for a successful web project. It is beneficial for you, as the head of the company, that your site is in the top positions in the list of PS issuance.

User statistics

  • 4 out of 5 users look for information using search engines;
  • having typed a key request, they will not go further than 5-10 places on the issue page;
  • having chosen one of the leading sites, they are unlikely to move from it to another.

The last point is also explained by the high SEO efficiency - the buyer is looking for you on the target request.

Types of search engine optimization

Optimization is divided into internal and external. Internal factors, as a rule, are executed in a short period of time. The main ones are:

  • writing competent content optimized for key queries;
  • prescribing titles (names) of pages, taking into account the same requests;
  • not only the text itself changes, but also its structure: the information array is divided into paragraphs, headings are highlighted, the necessary keywords are written in them;
  • changes in the whole structure of the site, internal linking of pages.

Internal website optimization

Writing optimized content is almost the most important step in building a competent website optimization model. First, the content will be filled with keywords that match the selected queries. Secondly, he will be able to keep a potential client on the site, attract him and make him your buyer. Changing the structure of the site is subject to the rule of successful indexing - the better and more skillfully your site is relinked, the easier it will be for the search engine robot to index it. "Correct" headings in the text and page titles are important factors for PS that help promote the site to higher positions.

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External site optimization

But one cannot limit oneself to internal factors in a competitive environment. There are also external factors - the surprise of many customers. Your site needs a large link mass for high positions in PS. And often it comes at the cost of considerable financial investments, so website optimization can turn out to be quite a high cost. A far-sighted client understands the benefits of high-quality SEO, so he approves the budget for optimization.
Those who are not ready to wait a while and invest in their development are often disappointed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Search Engine Optimization

There is only one significant disadvantage in search engine optimization: a rather long time to achieve results. But in the hands of a skilled craftsman, in any case, he will be rewarded a hundredfold:

  • You will take the top places in the list of the most popular search engines for key queries;
  • You will receive a huge flow of targeted buyers who are looking for exactly your product;
  • You will be able to maintain the achieved position without much effort;
  • You are working for the future, as the Internet is growing exponentially, and, therefore, an increasing number of people will be attracted by your high results.
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