Why is YouTube banned?

Why is YouTube banned?

Let's talk about how and why YouTube can ban. Many novice bloggers do not read the rules of youtube, and then wonder why their channel was banned. Let's figure it out:

What is a strike

YouTube has an internal system of punishing authors for violating community rules. It consists of three stages. Each stage is called a strike.

After receiving the first strike, you lose the ability to set your own icons on the video
Second strike - deprives you of the ability to upload videos for 2 weeks
The third strike causes the channel to be blocked.
Strikes are a temporary measure of punishment and are valid for three months. After receiving one or two strikes, you can appeal them and if there are no more violations during this period, then your channel will restore all functions.

Why is YouTube banned?

  1. Three strikes for copyright infringement on a picture or music
  2. One to three strikes for violating YouTube rules.
  3. Spam - Don't spam the title in your video description and tags. It shouldn't be just keywords.
  4. Cheating - deception of the system and overestimation of indicators, views, likes, comments and subscribers
  5. A video that violates the law can block the video in a particular country
  6. Action of haters - today any user can complain about the author and if there are a lot of applications and YouTube should respond.

How to avoid blocking a channel on YouTube

  1. Don't infringe copyright, make your own quality videos and don't use copyrighted music.
  2. Don't spam the title and description. Come up with original titles and a readable description under the video.
  3. Don't screw up the metrics. In fact, cheating gives only numbers and does not promote your video in any way.
  4. Do not violate the laws of your country and shoot only high-quality video
  5. Do not quarrel with your viewers and other bloggers in order to avoid filing a complaint against you.
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Has your channel been banned? What to do?

Find a letter in the mail with a notification about the blocking of the channel and find out the reason for the ban. If you work on YouTube using the media network, then contact the support of the media network. They will deal with the issue of lifting the ban. If you work directly with youtube, through google adsence, you will have to figure it out yourself. Write to those who support YouTube and fill out this form.

Do not break the rules of YouTube, study the help. It describes in detail all the rules of the community and then your channel will never be banned.

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