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To create a website, you need to devote a lot of time to this process (up to 6 months if it is a multifunctional online store) and work out the smallest details. The process of creating the site involves technical developers, designers, copywriters, marketers and an administrator who will manage the web page after it is launched. One of the main tasks before launching the page is to choose a domain name - the site address.

Stages of creating a site

Having a desire to launch your site, it is important to familiarize yourself with the main stages and mechanisms. There can be no minor moments in such work, since the slightest oversights can have a serious impact on activity and promotion.

The main stages of creating a site:

  1. Marketing research and planning, market analysis.
  2. Development of structure, sections, navigation.
  3. Creating the layout of the main and secondary pages.
  4. Page design, emphasis on memorization, brand development.
  5. Loading of additional modules and software.
  6. Content filling (texts and media materials).
  7. Testing and launch.

Any site, regardless of the specifics of the content, must have its own address / name - domain. A domain name is a technical marker that can instantly convey information about the subject of the site, the territorial location of the target audience, and the city where the service is provided. With the help of the domain, users go to the site.

The domain is not only the technical address of the site, but also a powerful tool for promoting the page, its recognition and advertising. The shorter and brighter the domain, the more efficient the promotion algorithm will work, but this pattern also works in reverse.

How to choose a domain?

More than 1500 domain zones are available in the world, which make it possible to choose almost any address (the list of restrictions is extremely limited). Some domain zones are subject to restrictions on the specifics of the transmitted information or the territorial location of the owner, but most of them are open to all countries and types of activities.

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All public domain zones can be combined into the following groups:

  • National. Domains displaying information about the country where the address is registered: ua - Ukraine, es - Spain, etc.
  • Territorial. The domain reflects information and the city: DNIPRO.UA, KIEV.UA.
  • Thematic. Disclose information about the offered goods / services (dental - suitable for dentistry, film - for film production).
  • International. Main groups: BIZ - business/money, ORG - non-commercial activity, COM - entrepreneurial sphere, GOV - government services / official websites, EDU - education, AERO - air transport / service companies.

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Website development and domain selection - recommendations from

Domain registration process

To launch on the World Wide Web, each domain must be officially registered with a specialized company. There are hundreds of registrar companies, so finding it will not be difficult. In order to register a domain, you must:

  • check the address, you can do it at the link:
  • indicate the details of the owner (individual or company);
  • pay for registration.

You can choose any site address, but we recommend paying attention to simple tips:

  • if your goal is sales in a specific region, then it is better to choose a regional domain;
  • a blog or personal site domain can contain a first and last name;
  • the domain should reflect the essence of the business.
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