Video card, new or used? How to choose the best components

Video card, new or used? How to choose the best components

One of the main parts of any computer is the video card. It is responsible for creating the image, and its performance depends on the smooth running of demanding games. In addition, it supports the CPU in computing related to photo processing or video rendering. These are technologically advanced computer components that are often very expensive. As a result, the doubt often arises - to buy a new, or maybe a used video card cheaper?

For office, for professionals, for games. We select a card for the user

When you buy a graphics card, you need to think about what you will be using your computer for. As you already know, the integrated GPU is more than enough for office work. However, if you often use simple graphics programs, it would be a good idea to buy, for example, the Nvidia Quadro 600 model. This is an inexpensive component that meets the expectations of less demanding people.

Basic parameters of the video card

Regardless of whether you are targeting new or used graphics cards, always pay attention to their parameters. You must consider issues such as:

  • amount of onboard VRAM, including module type (e.g. GDDR5)
  • GPU clock speed
  • type of cooling system - can be passive (radiator only) or active (radiator + fan),
  • type and number of connectors for connecting displays, such as monitors,
  • the type of DirectX libraries supported (an important parameter for gamers).

Of course, these are just examples of important parameters. If you are looking for a professional graphics card, for example for gaming, be sure to check its performance. You can easily find test results and comparisons online.

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Compatibility with a computer - what should I pay attention to?

An important point that many people forget is compatibility with a computer. When buying new or used cards, you need to consider such parameters as:

  • compatibility of the connector with the type of port available on the motherboard,
  • maximum power consumption (you may need to replace the computer's power supply),
  • component size (for example, if you have an SFF office computer, you'll need a small, low-profile card like the Nvidia Quadro 600).

New or used graphics card?

There is also the issue of choosing between new and used computer components. The latter, of course, are cheaper, but if you are interested in powerful video cards, always order them from trusted suppliers. Unfortunately, you will find many graphics cards on the market that have been used for cryptocurrency mining. Even if they are only a few months old, they may be more "worn out" than those that have been in an avid gamer's computer for several years. A good choice would be used equipment, tested and sold with a guarantee.

We hope the tips above will help you make the right choice.

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