The Bridgertons: Meet a Hot and Exciting New Series on Netflix


The new American series from Netflix did not leave indifferent almost any fan of the series. Some are outraged by the distortion of historical events, others, on the contrary, admire the creative approach, and still others simply enjoy an interesting plot and pleasant acting. Viewers share their opinions, argue, and still can’t leave the series alone. And this only plays into the hands of the producers: the series was released at the end of December 2020, and already at the end of January 2021 it was watched by 82 million users! This figure turned out to be much higher than even the popular TV series The Queen's Move, which was written about literally everywhere after its release.

What is the series about "Bridgertons"?

We are talking about the Bridgerton family in the early 19th century. 4 brothers and 4 sisters live in an intelligent society, but not everything is so smooth for them, in particular, they are concerned about the problem of marrying off their elder sister Daphne. She has everything with her, but she cannot find a worthy groom for herself because of rumors that repel almost everyone from her. However, the Duke of Hastings, who has appeared in London, decides to invite her to become visually together so that she feels calmer, since she is not alone, but all the girls in the city who do not give him rest are behind him. But, of course, this could not become an ordinary cold calculation, since feelings nevertheless intervened in the matter.

The peculiarity of the series is that the main characters here are black. A huge number of critics and just ordinary viewers are outraged by this, saying that tolerance is inappropriate when it distorts history, because in the 19th century there could not be blacks among the upper strata of society in London. You can find many articles and comments on this subject. However, there are other critics who see the picture in a completely different way: they do not consider this a distortion of history, since the series itself is basically based on the fantasy genre and shows a fictional story, albeit with realistic characters. By the way, many began to analyze the likelihood that Queen Charlotte was black in history, but this is still unlikely and there is only a limited amount of information. For these people, the series presents an alternative view of the royal families at the time, showing how rich and varied everything would have been, thus highlighting that royal London still never learned this when looking at Meghan Markle's difficult acceptance into family. There are a lot of discussions, just like opinions, but all this in any case brings great success to the series. Only 8 episodes - and such a hype that Netflix immediately decided to create a second season.

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But what is so special about this series?because he's so popular?

1. Plot.
Yes, reading the description, you can decide that the series is quite ordinary and not very impressive, but it draws many people in so much that they cannot tear themselves away and begin to advise their friends and acquaintances. The unusual presentation of the plot, the unexpected choice of actors and the combination of something modern and conservative cannot but attract viewers. But, perhaps, everyone finds something catchy in this series. You can watch it on any streaming sites, for example, on the service that produced it - Netflix. This guarantees good quality and a pleasant interface. It would be a good idea watch Netflix using VPN, as this will keep your device safe from any potential viruses. Of course, you can choose any other streaming service, but Netflix has already proven itself extremely well. In addition, the service will be able to select the best similar series for you and announce the release of new series a second after they are published.

2. Unusual.
How often do you see series about the royal family where the main characters have South African roots? Perhaps never. But The Bridgertons is the show where anything is possible. Although many are indignant at the distortion of history, PR for the series is thereby ensured as well. Well, the other part of the audience, on the contrary, rejoices at the peculiar approach to the image of the royal family.

3. Love line and aesthetic component of the series.
This, of course, is not "Titanic", and even more so not "Diary of Memory", but many are still fascinated by the complex and ambiguous love story of the main characters, and even in those days. This love not only catches the soul, but is also pleasing to the eye. By the way, the visual components in the series also play a big role: what are the outfits alone worth! Many fashion publications and fashion designers evaluate the clothes selected for the series, and certainly admire her. It is impossible not to mention the scenery, as they are ideal for the 19th century and attract with their beauty. It is difficult to say whether this was exactly the case in that century, but most likely yes.

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4. Very experienced people were at the heart of the production of the series..
Firstly, the series is based on a literary work by Julia Quinn. Although she is not the most famous writer, she is still quite experienced, and films and TV shows based on interesting works have always gained a lot of views. Actors, of course, are also chosen superbly. But the value of the work of everyone who is involved in the series is also great, for example, producer Shonda Rhimes, who did everything possible to bring this series to the top. Rhimes is best known for her contributions to Grey's Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder, which have been nominated for and even won numerous awards, as well as won the love of viewers.

5. Topicality.
Despite the fact that the series is filmed about the 1800s, it raises quite relevant topics and problems. The theme of black people and feminism cannot be overlooked when watching the series. This is what disposes many viewers, as the series opens up themes of strength, justice and opportunities, which were so lacking at that time, but are still lacking in many ways now.

Well, do not forget that if everyone is talking about this or that film, then it's time to watch it yourself and draw your own conclusions, which is apparently what the new Bridgerton viewers do, as the number of views still continues to grow rapidly. Such success is unlikely to allow the series to have only 2 seasons, most likely, the creators will not be limited to this.

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