How to Convert Video for iPad

         Mobile devices are filled with new video information every day, which leads to the fact that the files do not have enough storage space. Apple's high-tech tablets have also been unable to avoid this problem, with video files being downloaded to the iPad that weigh too much and need to be converted.

When is conversion required?

In addition to freeing up space on the iPad's memory, there are other reasons why files need to be converted:

  • unadapted videos, as a rule, do not run on mobile devices or may slow down. Video converters for iPad are able to remove such restrictions;
  • short videos recorded in a specific format for the iPad should be converted to a single format, so it is more convenient to store them in the electronic video library of the tablet;
  • conversion is required to import the desired video into the video editor and further process it. It is known that video editors do not accept all file formats for processing.

Despite the technical excellence of the device, iPad does not support all video file formats. For example, AVI, WMV or FLV videos will not work on a tablet, and a DVD movie cannot be viewed either.

Movavi Video Converter: Conversion Steps

We offer users Movavi Video Converter Following the steps of working with it will help you quickly convert the video file to the desired format.

1. Download the installation file to your iPad and follow the further instructions that will open in Russian or English: your choice.

2. Use the "Add Files" and "Add Video" options. If you are working with DVD files, activate the corresponding option.

         3. Select the device model of iPad, iPad Air, mini, iPhone or other model, as well as the format to which you want to convert the video. For Apple technology, this is usually MP4.

         4. Select the folder where the video should go after conversion. Or point to iTunes.

5. Press the "Start" button and wait for the process to finish.

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Benefits rated by users

Owners of mobile equipment call the program one of the best for changing the format of videos, and there are reasons for this:

  • the ability to import an entire folder with files into the program, you do not need to convert them one by one;
  • built-in H.265 compression codec, currently the most efficient file compression tool based on new algorithms;
  • high speed of content processing due to the SuperSpeed ​​tool;
  • the ability to play and glue videos in a video editor, divide them into fragments, work with color;
  • converting video with sound, no need to download a separate application for processing audio files;
  • good technical support, the ability to receive timely technical assistance in case of problems.

Against the backdrop of the development of mobile technology and computer programs, the user has the opportunity to shoot videos in good quality. Video content needs to be converted into a single format in order to comply with new trends in its creation. Leading developers of innovative software help with this, one of them is Movavi.

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