iPhone XS review

In September 2018, Apple introduced the world to another innovation - the iPhone XS. The device immediately pleasantly surprised users with its characteristics, power and functions. The cost of new items at that time went off scale, but today iPhone XS price became more accessible. You can make a purchase in the SWIPE store.

Key Benefits of XS

In terms of its external characteristics, this one is almost no different from the previous model. The elements remained in their places, the size also remained the same. The difference is noticeable, but not immediately: it consists in two new holes for special antennas, due to which the grille of the lower left speaker has become smaller. In addition, the phone has become available in one more color solution. Materials for manufacturing were used innovative. So, the frames are made of medical steel, which, as you know, is completely resistant to corrosion. In addition, manufacturers have chosen heavy-duty glass with rounded corners for the screen.

There are other undeniable advantages that the owners Apple iPhone XS 256gb have already managed to evaluate, which is why they are not going to give up their phones under any circumstances:

  • Image. It features excellent color reproduction, which makes images as realistic as possible;
  • High resolution and pixel density. The screen is made using innovative OLED technology. The top of the screen is particularly resistant to damage;
  • Camera. At first glance, it seems that they are no different from those that were equipped with previous models, but there is a difference here. This is the supersensitivity of the sensors, the depth of the pixels. Excellent color reproduction can be obtained even in poor lighting conditions.

Add to this that the improved processor opens up unlimited possibilities for users. The phone is much faster than the previous ones, and at the same time it is 50 percent more economical. The neural network is responsible for photo processing and augmented reality. The device is capable of performing serious tasks.

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What to Consider When Purchasing

It is very important that the warranty covers the phone. In some cases it is possible for a fee. When buying, ask your questions to the managers of the SWIPE store, who will help you make the right choice. Delivery is carried out in all regions of the country in a short time. Payment is made in ways convenient for buyers.

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