How to promote a video on YouTube for free. 5 ways to promote a channel

There are many ways to promote your video and channel on Youtube for free, but today we’ll only talk about five.

SEO optimization of the channel and your video

This is the main and fail-safe way to promote videos. Fill in all the fields that YouTube gives you for key queries. This is the video title, video description, tags. Also fill in the description of the channel and the description of the playlists. If you correctly fill in all the keywords, then search robots will start showing your videos in the search after a while. SEO channel optimization is great for promoting your videos through search. Usually, in any topic of the channel, you can find such videos that will be searched. You just need to watch competitors and shoot videos for search queries.

Mass commenting under the videos of kunkrents and forward them to your channel

Please do not confuse this method with spam. Nobody likes spam and it will only make your channel worse. But if you watch videos of competitors - and in the comments start a conversation with subscribers on the topic of the video, then in discussions and a specific subscriber you can drag it to your channel. Unless, of course, he understands that you are in the subject and more adequate than your competitor. This method works from about 100 comments per day. Exhaust somewhere around 30%

Situational clickbait

This is the third way to promote your channel on YouTube for free. Its essence is to come up with a provocative video title. The title should be intriguing and lure you to click on the video. Such a name will allow you to click on the video, and in the video on this topic there can be only two words.

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Situational advertising

This way of promoting the video will allow you to gain views for free. The way is to use invitations to subscribe, like and write a comment. And also use hints and end screens in your video. Ask your followers to share videos on social networks, remind you of your old videos if the topics are related or you are talking about phrases that you mentioned in old videos.

Free Contests

They promote the channel perfectly and allow you to gain subscribers for free.
Arrange contests, quizzes, voting on your channel. This can be done almost for free or completely free. For example, Yury Dud conducts voting at the end of each video. You can do this in the comments, and in the way of putting likes or dislikes, which will also promote the channel. Since the activity under the video will increase.

And in this case, prizes can be made symbolic, put the best comment on the next video or send a postcard or your photo with a signature by mail.

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