9 Mindset Changes That Will Help You Live Your Dreams

9 Mindset Changes That Will Help You Live Your Dreams

Do you have a big dream or goal in life? Not sure how you will get there or what might get in the way? Most likely, this is your way of thinking.

There is one common theme that underpins many theories about how to live the life of your dreams: your way of thinking, beliefs and ways of thinking prevail over all .

I asked Steph Purple, co-founder of Powerful U, what topic she thinks is the most important in the area of ​​personal development and growth, she instantly replied, “thinking”.

“Mindset is how you choose to approach any situation. When you have an open and positive attitude, you can see opportunities in any situation. When you enter with a closed or negative mindset, you drastically limit your experience to the most negative aspects of any given situation. Positivity opens the realm of possibilities, while negative closes it.”

In his TED talk, happiness psychologist Sean Achor shares:

“Reality doesn't necessarily shape us, but the lens through which your brain looks at the world shapes your reality. Ninety percent of your long-term happiness is not predicted by the outside world, but by how your brain processes that world. And if we change our formula for happiness and success, we can change how we can influence reality.”

The bottom line: mindset is everything.

The story we tell ourselves is the story our mind believes. Our perception creates our reality. Our beliefs create our outcome.

Therefore, the fastest way to live the life of your dreams is to change your mindset. Then the question arises: How ? How will you change your core beliefs and mindset?

Here are 9 mindset changes to help you live the life of your dreams.

1. Believe in yourself

From "I'm Not Enough" to "I'm Cool"

People are held back by faith in themselves. And one of the most common beliefs? The feeling that you are not enough, not worthy, not deserving.

Steph, mentioned above, talks about the biggest change in her mindset - how she learned to question the lies she's been telling herself all her life.

When she was 8 years old, she was sexually abused. She remembers standing in front of the mirror and telling herself how dirty, ugly and terrible she was. She blamed herself for what happened and did not tell anyone about the abuse until she was an adult. She lied all her life about herself and believed them. Only when she was able to tell her truth was she able to question the lies and change her life.

For some reason you feel like you're not enough, know: you've been born enough. You are beautiful, worthy and deserving of love, happiness and success. It is no coincidence that you arrived here, on this planet, at this particular time. You are not mistaken. There is only you, and people need what you bring to the world.

You are unique. This is your superpower.

You are you enough. You may not yet believe it, but some part of you knows deep down that it's true.

2. Expand your options

From "I have no choice" to "I always have a choice"

How many times have you felt trapped or that you had no choice?

You may not be in control of circumstances, and life is likely to bring many problems and difficulties, but you are always in control of two very important things: your choice and attitude.

My favorite story about this shift is " Man in search of meaning » Victor Frankl. Frankl was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor. In his book, he shares:

“Everything can be taken away from us, except one thing: the last of human freedoms - to choose your attitude in certain circumstances, to choose your own path.”

If Frankl can choose, faced with these insidious and incomprehensible circumstances, of course we can all choose our own.

3. Believe in the possible

From "impossible" to "possible"

Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right. - Henry Ford

If you don't believe with all your heart that you can achieve something, it simply won't happen. So if you want to live your dream, you must first believe that it is possible.

For years, everyone thought it was physically impossible to run a 4-minute mile. They said the human body is incapacitated and your heart will explode.

In the 1940s, someone launched it in 4:01, a record that stood for nine years. Then, in May 1954, Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute barrier by running the mile in 3:59,4. This happened not only due to hard work, training and enthusiasm. This happened because Roger thought that it is possible. He knew that can do it. He trained, visualizing the result.

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Less than six weeks later, Australian John Landy finished in 3:58. Every year more and more people began to do what was once considered impossible. Now more than 1400 people have run the 4-minute mile.

As soon as the barrister broke representation about what people thought was possible, he made others believe the same. When they thought they couldn't, they couldn't, and when they believed they could, they did.

The same is true for each of us. Do you believe this goal, vision, or intention for the life of your dreams is possible? If so, then you are on the right path to making this happen! However, if there is doubt or skepticism in your mind, there is little chance that you will achieve your dream.

4. Believe in good

From "looking for the bad" to "looking for the good"

Sometimes when things fall apart, they can really fall into place. — Tony Robbins

Faith in goodness has several forms. Peace и people.

Let's start with the world. Confirmation bias studies have proven that we find what we are looking for. People tend (often unconsciously) to look for things that confirm what they already believe to be true. If you are looking for the good in this world, you will see it. If you're looking for what's wrong or believe the world is trying to get you, guess what you'll see?

Instead, what if you believed everything was happening for your own good? Even if it doesn't seem so. What if you assume that everything is working exactly as it should and that the world/universe/God is supporting you?

Now let's look at people. One of the key principles that I use in all my leadership and team development work is "start with a positive intention." We often make assumptions and judgments about others based on their behavior without understanding their underlying motivation. The positive intention assumption requires that we consider the other person's intention before judging their behavior. This may encourage you to ask questions or try to see things from their point of view.

Everyone is dealing with something that you are not even aware of, and sometimes what seems like an attack or an insult against you is just someone having a hard day or just a style different from yours. How many fights have you had in your head with someone who didn't even know they offended or upset you, only to find out later that it was just a misunderstanding or a misunderstanding?

5. Live in the moment

From "life is a goal" to "life is a journey"

It's true what they say life is a journey, not a destination so that we can also enjoy the trip.

If we are always trying to get "there" (wherever "there"), we lose sight of where we are now. Gifts, beauty and joy that every moment brings. When you stay in the present, you can see opportunities, seize the unexpected, go with the flow, and listen to your inner voice.

On the flip side when you're tied to a particular outcome or how things are have maybe you can become frustrated about how things really are are . But they are what they are! If you can use every moment to accept, learn, and grow, and not wish things were different, you will find greater happiness and fulfillment.

People often fall into the when/then trap. They say: "When I meet someone, will I be happy?" or “When I get a promotion, will I be happy with my job?” 'or ' When I have more money, I will deposit change. “You can choose happiness today. You can find what you need to work with pleasure. You can make change without money.

6. Switch "What if"

From "what's the worst that can happen" to "the best that can happen".

We spend so much of our lives fearing the inevitable... and how much of what you fear actually shows up? How much energy do you spend thinking: "What if…" , anticipation of consequences, complications, risks and what could go wrong?

All those “what ifs” are like an app running in the background on your phone. They drain your battery. And since worry will never affect the outcome, why not do something that will?

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I see so many people paralyzed by all the possible causes and possible consequences of their actions. But the most successful people I've seen are those who focus on opportunity, opportunity, potential. It doesn't mean that you ignore risks or potential problems; it just means you don't let them stop you from moving forward!

7. Be true to yourself

From "I have to measure up to success" to "I have to be myself to be successful"

Do you know what the first regret about death is? Desire to have... “I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not a life that others expected of me.”

Throughout life we ​​are taught who we should be be to fit in and be successful. But what others need and expect from us does not always help us achieve the best result. Often, in trying to fit in, we lose our unique gifts, talents, and even our sense of self.

You cannot compare yourself to others. We think we are competing with each other, but we are all in different races. Quite frankly, the only person you really need to compete with is yourself.

True and lasting success comes from authenticity, conformity, and becoming the best version of YOU.

8. Where awareness goes, energy flows.

From "watering weeds" to "watering flowers"

You've all probably heard about the law of attraction and how to manifest your best life. So much of this knowledge and wisdom comes from where you put your energy.

Many years ago, I conducted a training session for a group of trainers and consultants. At some point, I felt insecure and doubted myself. This caused me stress and, more importantly, I was not serving the group in the best possible way.

During my lunch break, I shared my doubts with my coordinator. He was an experienced coach and mentor and shared with me something that I never forgot.

“Tracey, think of your attention like a garden hose. When you stand in front of others and worry about what they think, your attention is not on them. When you're thinking about how you sound, if you're doing a good job, or when you're in your head, then the hose is pointing inward and you're watering the weeds. But when you put your energy into them, your appreciation and focus on what the group needs, you turn the hose towards the room... then you water the flowers. So you have a choice: do you want to water the weeds or the flowers? '

Was it a trick question? Of course, I wanted to water the flowers!

9. Cultivate gratitude

From “what is missing” to “what are you grateful for”

Recognizing the goodness you already have in life is the foundation of all abundance - Eckhart Tolle

Being grateful is one of the simplest yet most powerful ways to live the life of your dreams.

Research continues to prove the benefits of expressing gratitude; ranging from how it improves relationships, physical and emotional health, and sleep, to mental stamina, energy, and overall happiness. [2] Did you know that it is physically impossible to feel fear and gratitude at the same time?

The next time you feel like you're lacking in life, the next time you feel jealous of what others have, or dissatisfied with what you have, try switching to gratitude. Recognize all the good things in the world. Recognize all that you have and for which you are grateful.

Time to ask yourself...

What did you notice as you read these shifts? Which one resonated with you the most? What do you think will help you live your life its dreams? What strategies will you try?

Now take one more step. Stop scrolling and before moving on to the next one, ask yourself a few more questions...

  • Think about the life of your dreams. What thoughts, beliefs, or mindset changes do you need to create that kind of life?
  • The goal you were trying to achieve: do you believe you can? If not, what does it take to believe it?
  • What assumptions do you make about yourself or others that hinder you?

You are ready?

If you're ready to live the life of your dreams, then it's time to change your mindset.

Change your thinking, change your life.

You decide who you want to become. You decide how to get there. Create the vision you have for yourself and your dreams and go for it. Remove all obstacles in your path, especially those in your mind.

Remember, to change your story, you must keep telling yourself a new story. To change, you must be willing to change. To change, you must have an open mind and a desire to grow.

"Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values ​​become your destiny." — Gandhi

Are you ready to live your dream? Great, let's go!

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